Featured: Sin and Redemption by CLR Dougherty

Featured: Sin and Redemption by CLR Dougherty Purchase:

A tropical thriller that takes to the high seas with dissension, revenge, and an impending threat to the survival of democracy.

J.R. Finn’s mission to assassinate a troublesome militia leader becomes a quest for revenge.

His target in his sights, Finn is squeezing the trigger when his intended victim collapses.

An unknown sniper has shot the target.

Finn and his partner, Mary O’Brien, go looking for the other sniper.

During their search, Mary learns that a former associate wants to hire her.

Until Mary verifies the man’s identity, she believes he died years before in a drug war in the Bahamas.

Once she’s in touch with him, he tries to recruit her to join an assassination squad.

Suspicious of the timing, Finn and Mary seek a connection between the two events.

What they learn has dire implications for the survival of democracy in the U.S.

Perfect for fans of tropical thrillers, Sin and Redemption will keep you turning pages until the end.

CLR Daugherty

Meet Charles Dougherty:

Learn more about Charles Dougherty and his books at www.clrdougherty.com. While you’re there, sign up for his mailing list; he’ll send you a free short story.

You’ll find a blog there, too, with guest posts written by the characters from his books.

Dougherty is a lifelong sailor; he’s lived what he writes. He and his wife have spent over 30 years sailing together.

For 15 years, they lived aboard their boat full-time, cruising the East Coast and the islands. They spent most of that time exploring the Eastern Caribbean. Dougherty is well acquainted with the islands and their people.

The characters and locations in his novels reflect his experience.

A storyteller before all else, Dougherty lets his characters speak for themselves.

Pick up one of his thrillers and listen to the sound of adventure as you smell the salt air. Enjoy the views of distant horizons and meet some people you won’t forget.

Welcome aboard.

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