Featured Selection: A Corpse in the Chapel by J.B. Hawker

Featured Selection: A Corpse in the Chapel by J.B. Hawker Purchase:

    Finding a trunk in an old abandoned chapel, Judy is shocked to discover that it contains a human skeleton.

    A teenager’s romantic fantasies lead to tragedy and her butcher walks away.

    The young girl’s bones, hidden for decades in the deep woods, cry out for justice. A life cut short, a cowardly killer and a middle-aged flower child are stirred together into a tasty stew of wild mushrooms, herbs, vanity and deceit in award-winning author, J. B. Hawker’s latest book.

    Will pastor’s wife, Judy Falls, uncover more than a new vegan recipe when she goes hunting for natural ingredients to tempt her husband’s taste buds? Many lives will be changed forever in the small seaside community of Bannoch, Oregon, as the result of one day’s misadventure.

    The questions remain, “Can the killer be found and brought to justice? Will the young victim finally rest in peace?”

    Get this exciting third book in the First Ladies Club series and find out today.

    About J.B. Hawker:

    Currently living in the wilds of Northern California, J.B. is a woman of a certain age with a lot of living behind her, who looks forward to all the great adventures ahead.

    J.B. mines the richness of her history as a pastor’s wife in small communities all over the Western United States to people her not-quite-cozy mystery/thrillers. (If you’ve ever attended a small town church, you may even recognize some of the characters.)

    Writing from a Christian perspective, her stories include men and women at all stages in their faith walk, along with some truly scary villains.

    J.B. hopes her readers appreciate main characters who struggle with their faith as real Christians do and that non-believers will get a peek at Christian life beyond media stereotypes.

    After twenty years serving small churches from Alaska to South Dakota, J.B.Hawker returned to her California roots to start over in mid-life as a single businesswoman, inspirational speaker, and award-winning author.

    “I’ve made up stories my whole life,” said Hawker when interviewed. “While other children might need a flashlight to read under the covers after bedtime, I simply made up my own stories, many of which lasted multiple nights, having intricate details and characters drawn both from my life and my imagination.”

    J.B. has published many articles on faith and ministry.

    Hollow the first book in the Bunny Elder series and winner of the B.R.A.G. Medallion Award, was her first published fiction.

    J.B. has three grown sons. Her oldest, the father of her three beautiful granddaughters, lives in northern Italy, the setting of the second book in the series, Vain Pursuits also a B.R.A.G. Medallion winner.

    Review by Westword:

    A Corpse in the Chapel is a clean, enjoyable Christian novel featuring the residents of Bannoch, a small town in Oregon. The major character, Judy Falls, is the under-appreciated wife of the Presbyterian minister. Judy is a sweet, likable, unassuming woman. She is a vegan who dresses in a hippie style and has a penchant for recycling anything she even suspects can be recycled.

    While searching for herbs in a remote wooded area, Judy discovers a trunk in an abandoned, deteriorating, hidden chapel. Thinking there might be something worth recycling in the trunk, she opens it. Judy is shocked to discover that the trunk contains a human skeleton.

    As the police investigate to solve the mystery of the corpse in the chapel, readers become acquainted with several other Bannoch residents, including Judy’s husband, Ken, as they seek to resolve their own issues that often test their Christian faith.

    I enjoyed reading A Corpse in the Chapel, the second novel I have read by the author. The novel is well written, the characters are interesting and true to life, and the plot is believable. I grew up in a very small town and can well relate to the characters whose issues are explored in the novel.