Featured: Rosalie’s Fight for Life by Ron Penczak

Featured: Rosalie's Fight for Life by Ron Penczak Purchase:

Written to inspire and educate readers to understand what to expect in a battle with cancer, and that there are alternative healing protocols.

The day she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Rosalie Penczak decided to do everything she could to overcome it with the help and support of her husband, Ron, and her son, Christopher. So began a 49-month journey. This narrative is not only about Rosalie’s fight for life, it is their love story.

In these pages, Ron Penczak offers a testament to Rosalie’s life and to their lives and love together, from the early years of their marriage living in Korea to the experience of her diagnosis and course of treatment. Through surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, to the point where medical professionals said, “There is no more we can do.”

Ron and Rosalie believed after surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, and the pronouncement there was no more cancer, all should be well; without realizing the cure could be worse than the disease. A lesson that needs to be remembered and shared.
In 2018 there were 18.1M cancer cases and 5.1M deaths due to cancer.

This book was written to inspire and educate readers to understand what to expect in a battle with cancer, and that there are alternative healing protocols, after the doctors say, “There’s no more we can do for you.”

Ron’s search for information, clinical trials, and alternative healing techniques brought them to the “Tom Tam Healing System and Tong Ren Therapy “Tong Ren is the energy healing technique that is a part of the Tom Tam Healing System. A protocol developed by Chinese acupuncturist, Tom Tam. Ironically, it was an oncology nurse that suggested seeking Tom Tam.

After her first Tong Ren session, Rosalie said, “This is the best I’ve felt in years. If I had known about this, I never would have undergone radiation or chemotherapy.”

Ron offers details on the Tom Tam Healing System along with testimonials from medical doctors, nurses, PhD’s, acupuncturists, clients, and Ron and Rosalie’s own experiences.

He offers a story of love, support, devotion and, most of all, of hope.

Meet Ron Penczak:

Ronald M. Penczak, after being honorably discharged from the United State Marine Corps pursued a career in the defense industry working for Raytheon Corporation.

He began his career as field engineer and through his efforts continued to obtain ever increasing managerial positions of responsibility as Field Engineering Manager, Air Defense Programs Manager, and Operations Manager.

His employment included assignments throughout the United States, supervisory positions for programs in the Near, Middle and Far East, Europe and Brazil. His longest overseas assignment was for a ten year period in the Far East where he supported air defense programs in Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Vietnam. His home base in the Far East was Seoul, Korea.

While in Korea Penczak enjoyed training with the Korean National Weightlifting Team and socialized with Korean military and medical personnel where he learned much about the Korean culture.

Penczak has a BSIS in Engineering Management from Fitchburg State College in Massachusetts and a Master of Science degree in management from Lesley College in Massachusetts.

After leaving Raytheon he started a second career as a Free Lance writer. From 2003-2006 he wrote a weekly Op-Ed column for the Salem Observer newspaper and in October, 2005, won honorable mention in the 74th Annual Writer’s Digest contest in genre short story category. He has been published in American Fitness, Logistics Spectrum and Yankee magazines. Previously he wrote a monthly column for the Salem Community Patriot Newspaper. His first novel is “Of Mixed Blood.” 

Review by Kindle Customer:

Rosalie’s Fight for Life is a testimony to the power of love. Love of life, love of family, love of community.

Rosalie fought pancreatic cancer with every tool made available to her, and found some new ways to extend her life as she went along.

This book is an inspiration for everyone who has pancreatic cancer.

Review by NG healing:

Ron has a very engaging voice for his memoir about his wife’s battle with pancreatic cancer.

The book flows and you really feel you are alongside them as the story unfolds.

Was great to read about their experience with Tong Ren healing which likely extended her life several years and has helped Ron as well.

I also know firs hand how much Tong Ren can help people.

Review by Aris:

I have a brother going through chemo and radiation and i wanted to understand more so that i could be there for him.

What i enjoyed was the love throughout.

Rosalie was an amazing lady.

I’m glad her story was told. It did help me understand and I am grateful.

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