Featured: Road to The Galliano Club by Carmen Amato

Featured: Road to The Galliano Club by Carmen Amato Purchase:

A gripping thriller series that will immerse you in the gritty, violent world of America in the 1920s.

Scandal and sin pave the road to the Galliano Club in this prequel to award-winning author Carmen Amato’s new historical fiction series set in upstate New York during Prohibition.

Hard luck forces three unforgettable characters to defy the odds and strike out on their own. All journeys end at the Galliano Club, where trouble has just begun.

  • RUTH CROSS: After escaping a dead-end Pennsylvania coal-mining town, Ruth fulfills her dreams of dancing on Broadway, but is tripped up by a ruined reputation and prison time. Opening a dancing school above the Galliano Club is key to reinventing her life, but can the club be the sanctuary she needs?


  • LUCA LOMBARDO: From a bitter upbringing in Italy to the heartbreaking death of his wife and child in a New York City tenement, Luca loses everything he’s ever cared about. The Galliano Club is the one exception. It’s the home he never had. Nothing and no one is going to take it away.


  • BENNY ROTOLO: A member of Chicago’s violent North Side gang, Benny learns how to succeed in the crime business until the day he’s chased out of town by Al Capone. Determined to build his own bootlegging empire, he wants to seize the Galliano Club and turn it into the finest speakeasy north of Manhattan.

The Galliano Club anchors the growing Italian immigrant community in Lido, New York. After long days building America’s skyscrapers, ships, and electrical grid, thirsty mill workers head to the club to play cards, argue over the news, and drink the beer hidden in the cellar. It’s a comfortable place where no one is ready for the coming storm of murder, blackmail, and revenge.

Bursting with authentic details, the Galliano Club series was inspired by author Carmen Amato’s grandfather who was a deputy sheriff of Oneida County, New York, during Prohibition. Crime always took center stage in his tales of immigrant rivalries, bootlegger ingenuity, and old scores being settled.

America’s growing pains during the early 20th century provide a vibrant backdrop for the series. New immigrants file through Ellis Island as George M. Cohan lights up Broadway, Sacco and Vanzetti go on trial, women swoon over Rudolph Valentino’s The Sheik, Chicago gangsters shoot to kill, skyscrapers sprout from cement and sweat, and the first flight over the North Pole is celebrated around the world.

Carmen Amato

Meet Carmen Amato:

Carmen Amato turns lessons from a 30-year career with the Central Intelligence Agency into crime fiction loaded with intrigue and deception.

Her award-winning Detective Emilia Cruz mystery series pits the first female police detective in Acapulco against Mexico’s drug cartels, government corruption, and social inequality. Readers who love international mystery and police series by Ian Rankin, Jo Nesbo, Ann Cleeves, Peter May, and Jussi Adler-Olsen, as well as Don Winslow’s cartel and border thrillers set in Mexico, also love Detective Emilia Cruz’s complex plots, fast action, and exotic location.

Described as “A thrilling series” by National Public Radio, the Detective Emilia Cruz series was awarded the Poison Cup for Outstanding Series from CrimeMasters of America in both 2019 and 2020 and has been optioned for television.

Originally from upstate New York, Carmen was educated there as well as in Virginia and Paris, France, while experiences in Mexico and Central America ignited her writing career. Her family tree includes a mayor, a Mensa genius, and the first homicide in the state of Connecticut with an automatic weapon. The perpetrator, her great-grandfather, eluded a state-wide manhunt after killing two people–one of whom was his wife. He was never brought to justice.

Carmen is a recipient of both the National Intelligence Award and the Career Intelligence Medal.

Grab a free copy of the Detective Emilia Cruz Starter Library at carmenamato.net.

You’ll see why Amazon Hall of Fame reviewer Grady Harp wrote: “For pure entertainment and a gripping story likely resulting in nail-biting, read Carmen Amato’s addictive prose. She knows this territory like a jaguar!”

Praise for Road to The Galliano Club:

“The Galliano Club series promises to be as riveting as Amato’s previous novels set in Mexico. The Roaring Twenties in their uninhibited violence and excitement come alive . . . A sure hit with loyal fans and new readers alike.”

  • Michael Hogan, author of Women of the Irish Rising

“A gripping thriller series that will immerse you in the gritty, violent world of America in the 1920s. Clawing their way through the tale are a host of desperate characters that will shock and amaze you, never allowing you to catch your breath until the jaw-dropping conclusion.”

  • Amanda Hughes, author of The Looking Glass Goddess and The Image Seeker

“Spot-on historic atmosphere as the compelling characters fight, dance, and gamble their way to the Galliano Club . . . An epic tale with all the glitz, danger and gritty charm of the era.”

  • A. Chandlar, award-winning author of the Art Deco Mystery Series

“An exciting storyline, mob violence, and intense characters.”

  • Elizabeth Martina, author of the Hadley Sisters mystery series

“A keen eye for period detail while not overlooking timeless human traits. Greed, loss, love, and loyalty play equal parts . . . Lovers of the Roaring Twenties, The Godfather trilogy, or underdog stories should find much to like here.”

  • Bradley Harper, author of award-winning novels A Knife in the Fog, and Queen’s Gambit

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