Featured: Raining Tears by Laura Freeman

Featured: Raining Tears by Laura Freeman Purchase:

She can’t be blamed for his death, so why are the police looking for her, and does she dare run if it means another victim will die?

Detective Sydney Harrison thought the police shooting of an armed robber was cut and dried, but when the facts don’t add up, she finds herself in a cat-and-mouse game with a drug-addicted woman willing to sacrifice the lives of others to feel normal.

Claire’s life spiraled out of control when a grab and dash for a purse turned into a chance meeting with a stranger in a dark alley.

His death wasn’t her fault, but the police are searching for her.

Before running, she needs to tie up loose ends even if it means another person has to die.

Laura Freeman

Meet Laura Freeman:

Laura Freeman was a reporter for 16 years for Gannett Media in Kent, Ohio and covered local news in Summit County. She won the Press Club of Cleveland’s Ohio Excellence in Journalism award in 2013 and 2014 and the Ohio Newspaper Association awards in 2011, 2013, and 2014.

Her latest book Raining Tears is a female detective mystery and will be released January 30, 2023.

A holiday novella Tackling Molasses Crinkles features a meet-cute gone wrong when Nick tackles Crystal thinking she is a porch pirate. The two adversaries need to find common ground and discover the tragic secrets from their pasts. A print version is available in the anthology “A Hint of Vanilla.”

Six historical romance novels take place around the Civil War and feature the six Beecher sisters.

Impending Love and War takes place in the fictional town of Darrow Falls and includes the Underground Railroad, a canal boat ride and a courtroom drama in 1860 Akron, Ohio. Abolitionist Cory Beecher must examine her beliefs when Tyler Montgomery knocks on her door looking for a runaway slave.

Her second novel Impending Love and Death takes place in 1861 after the Battle of Bull Run. Jem travels from Darrow Falls to Washington City searching for news about the fate of her husband. Logan Pierce searches for answers to why the Union lost the battle.

Impending Love and Lies is her third novel and is set in 1862. Blake meets Colleen “Cole” Beecher in Akron, Ohio, and they travel to Washington City and the Battle of Antietam. Cole has to decide between a life of luxury or a life of challenges.

Impending Love and Capture is the fourth book in the series and takes Jessica Beecher and Major Morgan Mackinnon from Gettysburg to Lee’s surrender at Appomattox Courthouse.

Impending Love and Madness covers the assassination of President Lincoln and the aftermath. The couple must join forces when the hero is burned, poisoned, and shot.

The final book in the series, Impending Love and Promise finds Jules and Dr. Roe Greystone traveling to Kentucky in 1866 to find her orphaned cousins with a madman on a killing spree following them.

Her publisher is The Wild Rose Press.

Romance is a battlefield for the hero and heroine in her historical romance thriller novels. Not only do the characters battle their conflicting emotions, but they are also caught in a struggle of life and death that exposes their love.

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