Featured: Primed for Revenge by Carolyn Bowen

Featured: Primed for Revenge by Carolyn Bowen Purchase:

    This novel starts off with a bang and does not slow down. Throw in murder and some shady characters and you have a first-class read! 

    An unspeakable crime and an unethical criminal boss are at the heart of Sydney’s problems. Can she rise to the challenge?

    Practicing law in a large partnership, Sydney Jones was primed for making partner. Then her life turned upside down after a disagreement with her boss at Birdman & Birdman.

    Leaving the office, she was swiftly kidnapped and taken to her assailants’ hideaway, beaten, and raped. With no memory of whom put her at a disadvantage with her captors. Through gritted teeth, she promised a day of repercussions for their actions while mentally visualizing her revenge.

    Warned by her assailants to keep her mouth shut or else, she was delivered to her home. Not recognizing her former living quarters, she was careful in exploring her options for regaining her memory.

    Piecing together the reasons for her kidnapping brought her into contact with people, some she could trust and others risky. The problem was the amnesia prevented her from recognizing the difference.

    Tapped for a crime once nudged her toward caution for something afoul was going on at Birdman & Birdman. She prepared for a fight. With a vision of fury, she made a chilling decision – never to be a victim again.

    Meet the Author:

    CAROLYN BOWEN is a mystery author who calls on her life escapades and an adventurous, imaginative spirit to inspire and entertain. Bowen uses travel as a muse to explore cultures and dialogue to bring her stories to life.

    Her writing credits include Cross-Ties, a romantic adventure; The Long Road Home, a contemporary crime fiction mystery; Cross-Stepping Your Way To Success; and the newly released crime fiction/mystery, Primed For Revenge, A Sydney Jones Novel Series.

    Review by Rhonda:

    Sydney’s wakes up from being knocked unconscious has no memory but yet she’s smart enough to play along with her kidnappers tell she knows she can escape.

    She’s a very strong woman.

    She has to find who’s out to hurt her discover what kind of life she led before her amnesia. And having to rebuild her life.

    She finds romance along the way.

    Very interesting it is.
    This author is excellent in her writing as she pulls you in, you feel like it’s happening to you. This book is a must read. You will want to read it all at once it’s just so interesting that pulls you in. I highly recommend this book it is an excellent read!