Featured: Pride’s Children: Netherworld by Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt

Featured: Pride's Children: Netherworld by Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Purchase:

What makes the world’s most eligible bachelor jump when she wants him to? The love story continues but with consequences.

Every decision he makes from here on will hurt someone.

Is his happiness even in the equation any more?

Pride’s Children: NETHERWORLD, Book 2 of the trilogy, continues the epic saga—one day later.

In Book 1, Pride’s Children: PURGATORY, rising Irish megastar Andrew O’Connell embarked on a beautiful friendship with reclusive author Dr. Kary Ashe, and committed to his stunning costar Bianca Doyle’s directorial debut film Dodgson, a Lewis Carroll biopic.

He never imagined either would shatter the impenetrable wall he built between his professional and personal lives.

His future as a leading man depends on being an bankable obsession in the lives of the women he seduces, on and off screen.

But a past regret makes his gorge rise when offspring are on the way and he’s suddenly responsible for their very existence.:

Book 2 of the Pride’s Children trilogy asks what are the risks—and obligations—of friendship?

On Night Talk in New York City, host Dana Lewiston craves the inside scoop Andrew shouldn’t give her:

“YOU, SIR, ARE on top of the world.”

“I am.” Mind, eejit: no Kary, no Dodgson.

“Two days ago, you finished Incident at Bunker Hill…”

When his principles clash with his opportunities and his women, Andrew has no idea what it will cost him—live on national television, he may be about to find out.

The contemporary mainstream love story continues – with consequences.

Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt

Meet Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt:

Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt is hard at work on the final novel in the Pride’s Children trilogy, working title LIMBO & PARADISE, scheduled for publication soon.

PC: PURGATORY, the first volume, was named Indies Today 2021 Best Contemporary novel.

PC: NETHERWORLD was published Sep. 2022.

Follow her on PridesChildren.com to be informed when her next story is available.

A voracious reader, she had always intended to write fiction, and, now retired, dedicates her whole life – when not spending time with her husband, family, and community – to exploring the concepts of integrity in relationships, and the psychological questions of why people do what they do and make the choices they make, including their life partners.

She has devoted the past twenty-some years to learning to write to the standards of the early classics she was steeped in, as she believes that messages in fiction must be surrounded by the utmost in quality entertainment, and that fiction is the most powerful tool we have for slipping through the barriers we put up around our hearts and our minds.

As a writer, she’s published traditionally in short story. She’s been featured on Wattpad, where her story Too Late has received 67K reads, and where her debut novel Pride’s Children: PURGATORY was serialized and currently has over 20K reads.

When she’s not writing, you can find her enjoying the gardens in her new retirement community, or singing. Or riding her Airwheel S8 around the campus and the greenway in Davis, California.

Discover more about her opinionated opinions and quirky writing methods on her writing blog, at liebjabberings.wordpress.com.

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