Featured: Pieces of the Past by Trisha Faye

Featured: Pieces of the Past by Trisha Faye Purchase:

Pieces of the Past is a baker’s dozen of brilliant short stories written about an earlier time in our lives.

Baking Up a Storm – Clara Ayers had one goal in 1935 – to win blue ribbons at the county fair and beat her contender Martha, who had long taken home the most prize money.

The Grotto – Sophie is a busy mother of a soon to be six-year-old. Despite the tasks that keep her busy, she still manages time to visit Grandma. Even though Grandma’s mind is often foggy, she still entertains Sophie with lively tales about growing up in Iowa.

Lovely in Purple – Pauline spends the afternoon in her ‘Pile-It’ room, sifting through memories of the many people met through the years at Bender’s Fudge Shop in southern California, many of them celebrities that she’d met in her younger days in Los Angeles.

The Rosary – Alice Blodget is always busy. She works from sunup and stays in motion throughout the day. But she has one not-so-secret pleasure. She loves to read and delights in stealing a few minutes from the day to indulge in her passion.

Minnie Wants it All – Jams and jellies to the rescue. Minnie wants it all, including a new range. She may settle for just the cookbook that is sold with it – for the time being. Just because it’s 1914 and her husband thinks he’s the boss, she intends to have her way.

Don’t Call My Handiwork Frivolous – Elizabeth is determined. Times may be tough, but she can still have the pleasure of pretty things in the house. Even if she has to make them herself – and come up with a way to get the embroidery floss her husband says they don’t have the money for.

To Miss Gail Reynolds – Gail Reynolds suitor, George Tweed, is stationed overseas during World War II. With so much happening in the world, will George’s letter writing campaign be successful in keeping him in her favor?

Together Forever – A photographer is coming to Randall’s Mill. The township clamors over the chance to try out this new medium. A mother and daughter, Jessica, and Margot Wheeler pool their pennies for a chance to be immortalized forever.

The Diamond Field Quilt – Edith Bowman, of Mayfield, Arkansas has one huge problem in her life. She is horrible at finishing things. When she spies a new quilt pattern in the newspaper in April 1932, she’s determined to make a full-size quilt. Will she finally finish a project, or will it go the way of most of her ambitions?

William’s Blunder – William made a blunder with his wife. He thinks he’s found a way to get himself out of the doghouse. But his misjudgment lands him in jail for 30-days in 1904.

Idolizing Madge– Lydia Mae Ellis dreams of living a life filled with adventure. She is overjoyed when she receives a book for her fourteenth birthday featuring her idol, Madge Morton. Will any of the escapades happen in her own life, or must she settle for merely reading about them in a book?

By the Light of the Moon – Judith Bowen learned her craft from her mother, who learned from her mother. She grows many of the herbs she needs and forages for the rest. When the druggist in town offers her the Ayer’s American Almanac for 1876, she needs to decide whether to remain an herbal healer or go the route of the new pharmaceuticals.

PLUS, A BONUS STORY – Inspiration on Pike’s Peak

Trisha Faye

Meet Trisha Faye:

Trisha writes from her home in north Texas…when she can get the kittens off her lap and off the keyboard. Some days she just gives up and heads out back to tend to her gardens. Herbs and irises fill the garden, including the memory garden and birdseed garden.

Trisha chases her elusive Gemini twins for the subject of her next book. One twin pays tribute to people and things of the past. The other twin is an eclectic minx that loves to write about herbs and gardens, trail magic, and rescuing feral kittens

Feel free to contact Trisha with any questions. You can reach her at: texastrishafaye@yahoo.com

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