Featured: Paid for Murder by Stephanie Parker McKean

Featured: Paid for Murder by Stephanie Parker McKean Purchase:

Even in dire situations, there’s plenty of fun and romance in Stephanie Parker McKean’s imaginative stories and her great sense of humor.

The Three Notes performers—Doe, Ray, Me and T—carry their performances to a Texas Hill Country dude ranch for a working vacation.

They haven’t even given their first performance when the women find a dead man hidden in a cave.

Before they can report the murder to the sheriff’s department, they are swept away in a flash flood. Miraculously, they all survive the flood.

They soon discover that love—and murder—are stalking the dude ranch.

Will they survive the killer who is determined to hunt them down?

Love, humor and a real Texas Two Step adventure set this Christian cozy mystery-romance apart from others.

The twists are so astonishing that even the characters are amazed.

Stephanie Parker McKean

Meet Stephanie Parker McKean:

Writing is not something that I have ever possessed; it is something that has possessed me.

As a five-year-old I lived for show-and-tell days at school when students brought things to class and talked about them. I never had anything to bring—but I always had something to tell!

Me: A camel followed me to school. I tried to ride it, but it had slippery hair and I fell off.

Me: I didn’t forget my lunch. There was a lion in the street. He roared at me because he was hungry. I wasn’t afraid. I gave him my sandwich.

A parent-teacher conference ended my first grade story-telling career. I was instructed to quit telling lies.

When I was in the fifth grade, my father got an advance on his first book and came home with a pony in the back of our station wagon.

Me: Dad, what’s your book about?

Him: A boat-going detective who makes a lot of money.

Me: Is it true?

Him: No, it’s fiction.

That settled it. If a person could get paid for telling lies—that was my career.

I received my first rejection slip before I graduated from high school. Other rejection slips followed, along with a few checks. But no matter how many rejection slips, (I have 150 in my file) I kept writing, because like Jeremiah 20:9, His Word was in my heart like a burning fire shut up in my bones; I was weary of holding it back and I could not.

And…I just published book number 30.

Review by The Roving Reader:

Dixie is the owner of a guest ranch in Texas. She signs on four singers–Doe, Ray, Me and T–to provide entertainment. (And they do, to the guests and to the reader.)

The book opens during a sudden storm, and the four women, all middle-aged, take refuge in a cave and find a dead body.

Before the cave floods and the dead man is swept away, Doe glimpses a man standing at the end of the tunnel watching them.

Then the trouble starts!

Even in this dire situation, there’s plenty of fun and romance. I always enjoy Stephanie Parker McKean’s imaginative stories and her great sense of humor.

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