Featured: Murderous Intentions by Carol Dornetto

Featured: Murderous Intentions by Carol Dornetto Purchase:

    A riveting on-the-edge of your seat action adventure, an intense and fast-paced mystery.

    Two psychopath killers have been on the loose for 10 years, leaving a trail of dead bodies of the rich and famous both in Europe and the USA, each time eluding the police and Interpol.

    One kills for the love of it and the other for the wealth they feel they were cheated out of from their own poor, pathetic life.

    Each in desperate need for their next fix, now the money has run out and the dust has settled enough from their last gruesome murder.

    They have now set their sights on their next unsuspected victim, Emma Fox.

    Carol Dornetto

    From Carol Dornetto:

    Creative writing has always been my passion, I am originally from Bristol (England) and have been living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for the last 15 years.

    I was discouraged from writing by an old English teacher when I was a teenager. She told me that I “lacked imagination”.

    It took me over 30 years to have the courage to put my work into print and publish it to the world. I’ve had poetry published in both England and USA.

    This is my first murder/mystery book, and I have put my whole heart and soul into each page. I have had great feedback from people not only in my local community but also who have purchased my book on Amazon.com telling me how much they loved the characters in my book and what a nail biting read it was for them.

    I have dedicated my book to my husband Dominic who has supported my dreams and also my 81-year-old mother Margaret who lives in England and who always told me to ALWAYS! ” Follow my dreams” and NEVER give up.

    The cover photo on my book is my own work, as I love photography when I have the time.

    Review by Lisa Prince:

    I like this book a lot. It keeps your interest from beginning to end.

    It keep you wondering what’s going to happen next to who. Trying to guess the connections, and when you think you know what, something different happens.

    Now I am patiently waiting for the next installment to see happens next!

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