Featured: Mooved to Murder by CeeCee James

Featured: Mooved to Murder by CeeCee James Purchase:

    Will Chelsea stop at solving town mysteries, or will she solve a few of her own as well?

    Chelsea Lawson is a ride-or-die friend. When her best friend Tilly asked her to stay at her place to watch her six-year-old daughter and pets for a while, Chelsea didn’t hesitate to say yes.

    What she didn’t realize was that “Tilly’s place” was a micro-farm and “a few pets” included a cow and two goats as well as a child who was too smart for her own good.

    Chelsea was already in over her head before the dead body turned up.

    When the local community, instead of offering support, tries to run her out of town, Chelsea suspects something is going on. Something big and rotten.

    The mayor makes it clear she’s not wanted and the townspeople give her the cold shoulder, but that only makes Chelsea more determined to uncover their secrets.

    But no one expected the repercussions those secrets would have, especially Chelsea. Now life on the farm is hanging in the balance.

    Will Chelsea ever be able to wake up from this nightmare?

    CeeCee James

    Meet CeeCee James:

    CeeCee James is a two-time USA Today bestselling author who first began making up stories at bedtime for her children through the years. Some of her mystery series include- the Baker Street Mysteries, Angel Lake Cozy Mysteries, Flamingo Realty, and the Oceanside Hotel mysteries. She’s known for writing flawed sleuths with a good sense of humor and an added dash of romance.

    Her favorite place to write is curled up in an oversized chair with a cup of coffee, often with a sleeping dachshund trying to hog up half of the space. In honor of her dog-babies, there are usually dogs in her books, with the exception of the Angel Lake series, which has a cat in the honor of the one in her author picture.

    Writing has been a life long passion. Her first published work was nonfiction Ghost No More. She loves writing about love and the celebration of life.

    Review by Amazon Customer:

    I absolutely adored reading this book. I love the characters and storyline. Chelsea is relatable in many ways, and I can’t help but love her! I cannot wait to read the second book! ❤

    Chelsea gets a new start when her friend Tilly, a single mom, needs someone to care for her six year old daughter Emma.

    Chelsea quits her job and moves to Cedar Falls hoping she will finally feel like she belongs, and is worthy of life. Amongst the daily chores and responsibilities of feeding and caring for the animals and Emma, Chelsea discovers her knack for discovering mysteries.

    And, although she begins to feel she has purpose, a recurring dream of a warm sunny day in a strawberry field plagues her almost daily. She wakes sobbing and very upset.

    The only immediate consolation she has is a single picture of herself as a child and her mother. In the picture, Chelsea peers into a mirror as her mother stands by.

    Her mother hated the picture, but why?

    Will Chelsea stop at solving town mysteries, or will she solve a few of her own as well?