Featured: Miracle Man by Ken Stark

Featured: Miracle Man by Ken Stark Purchase:

Review: Ken Stark writes beyond boundaries, adding layer upon layer to the storyline with an ending that will leave you stunned!

Milton Fisk was a good man, once.

Then came the day when he discovered his gift.

He can heal with a touch.

He can resurrect the dead.

Now known as Elijah Zion, Miracle Man, he is worshipped by billions. Kings and presidents bow before him. He is the most powerful man on Earth.

But it is not enough…

There was only one other man in history with Elijah’s powers, and Elijah Zion hates Him with a passion.

He will show the world the impotence of their false god.

He will open their eyes to the lies they’ve been told.

He will free the world from the teachings of the Jew.

He will snatch his victims’ souls from the light and bring them back to life, just so he can kill them again… to spite Him.

Once he has grown powerful enough, he will grab the Jew from the heavens and cast him into a body that has long since turned to dust… and it will be as if the accursed Nazarene had never existed.

He will tear down the old gods if it takes him an eternity, and from that day onward, the world will know only the name, Elijah Zion.

Milton’s best friend from boyhood and the woman he once loved are the only ones who know the truth. They have vowed to stop him, but do mere mortals stand a chance against the Miracle Man?

Healer. Killer. Blasphemer. Anti-Christ. Evil Incarnate.

Elijah Zion, Miracle Man.

Prepare for horror that will reach deep into the darkest corners of your psyche. Whether you’re a believer or not, Miracle Man will make your flesh crawl, as Ken Stark reveals the face of TRUE EVIL in this disquieting story.

Ken Stark

Meet Ken Stark:

Multi-award-winning horror writer Ken Stark was born in Saskatchewan, but has called Vancouver home for most of his life.

He was raised on a steady diet of science fiction and disaster movies, so it seems right that his first published book series be about the zombie apocalypse.

In his spare time, Ken tries to paint like Bob Ross and play poker like Doyle Brunson, but results suggest that he might have got it all backwards.

Visit his Website: www.kenstark.ca

Review by Darlene Purcell:

Miracle Man took me by surprise. I was ready to bite my nails and sit on the edge of my seat from the moment I opened it and began to read. Instead, I fell in love with the sweetness of the characters in the first few paragraphs.

Milton is almost childlike in his innocent take on life, love, and admirably tender toward animals. He evolves through a series of strange events into something so depraved that you are horrified by his acts of evil.

Ken Stark writes beyond boundaries, thinks outside the box, adding layer upon layer to the storyline, reaching a climactic ending that will leave you stunned!

This novel is not for the faint of heart, but it is written soulfully. There are many depths of wisdom interjected in the lessons that are learned as this man abandons humility to embrace total inhumanity.

I highly recommend this novel! You should also check out Ken Stark’s other novels! Each one is unique and will haunt your dreams for a long time after!

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