Featured: Minnitaki Lake Mystery by Richard Schwindt

Featured: Minnitaki Lake Mystery by Richard Schwindt Purchase:

Review: A good mystery with a solid plot that will keep you guessing who murdered the woman.  A five-star, edge-of-your-seat mystery.

On a bitter winter evening in Sioux Lookout, a woman is shot dead.

Across the street, in the shadows, Chris Allard stands watching.

At first Sergeant Miles of the OPP treats Chris as an annoying but innocent bystander.

But when the identity of the victim is revealed, Chris suddenly becomes the chief suspect.

Desperate to prove his innocence, Chris sets out to discover the truth.

It is a search that moves from the back streets of Toronto to a small cabin on Minnitaki Lake.

Time is running out.

For even as Chris pursues the killer, someone is stalking him.

Minnitaki Lake Mystery is the second book in the Death in Sioux Lookout trilogy. It is preceded by Death in Sioux Lookout and will be followed by the Vermilion River Murder.

Richard Schwindt

Meet Richard Schwindt:

I am a social worker and therapist in Kingston, Ontario, writing fiction and self-help.

My work is funny, provocative, and meant to entertain or provide practical help when you need it.

I’ve been short-listed twice in the International 3 Day Novel Contest. I won the outstanding book (self help) and Book of the Year (3rd) in the 2016 Independent Authors Network Book of the Year Awards for Emotional Recovery from Congenital Heart Disease.

Review by KD McNiven:

Minnitaki Lake Mystery Book Two by Richard Schwindt is a well-written and exciting whodunit.

I admit, he had me stumped until the very end.

Schwindt knows how to weave a clever plot, and to add more flavor to the storyline, he fashions believable, flawed characters you can relate to.

Chris Allard returns to Sioux Lookout and unfortunately finds himself accused of murder when a woman he has been intimate with gets shot right in front of him.

The plot thickens when he catches sight of a red-haired man following after him.

I admit, from the beginning to the end, I was hooked.

If you are looking for a good mystery with a solid plot that will keep you guessing who murdered the woman, I recommend you grab a copy of Minnitaki Lake Mystery. A five-star, edge-of-your-seat mystery.

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