Featured: Love and a Kiss, Chris by Tina-Marie Miller

Featured: Love and a Kiss, Chris by Tina-Marie Miller Purchase:

She would love to pursue a romance with Chris, but first she has to deal with still unfinished business from her past.

Set against a backdrop of spectacular, rugged North Cornwall landscape, the unexpected is never far away.

Ireland’s favourite crime writer Finola Connor’s world comes crashing down when she discovers her partner in flagrante delicto with her housekeeper’s daughter.

Hours away from catching a flight to spend the summer with best friends Bella and Hugo, Finola arrives in Cornwall alone, desperate to leave her troubles behind.

As she settles into Gull Cottage, neighbour and property manager Mo is quick to offer a warm welcome.

When Bella reveals she’s out of her depth organising a village fundraiser, Finola welcomes the distraction and offers an irresistible ‘Star Prize’. But mischievous Bella switches the winning ticket, leaving Finola face-to-face with the charming Lord of the Manor, Chris MGM!

Trouble is lurking on the horizon when Finola catches Hugo in a secret liaison with Bella’s arch nemesis Rebecca, who later gate-crashes her lunch date with Chris.

Finola begins to fear there’s more to this woman than meets the eye.

After teaming up with new friend Mo, Finola unwittingly uncovers a mystery her fictional crime hero Erik would be proud of!

Will their revelations leave a pathway clear for her to pursue a romance with Chris, or is there still unfinished business from her past?

Tina-Marie Miller

Meet Tina-Marie Miller:

I grew up in the mid-60s in a small village situated in the depths of the beautiful, picturesque Oxfordshire countryside. As a child, it wasn’t at all unusual to catch me gazing out of a window daydreaming or find me busily creating stories or making up songs. Writing and music are very much in my soul!

I had an amazing childhood growing up in such glorious surroundings and relished exploring every aspect of village life with my friends. Long, hot summers were spent down by the river or walking through green, leafy lanes that lead onto one of the two Brookes that can be found in the village.

We’d share a picnic and sit on the grassy bank, swishing our bare feet in the clear, cool water. In later years, when I took my own children to all these favoured spots, I’d sit daydreaming, conjuring up some of the stories that I’ve woven into the Hamptons series whilst they played happily nearby.

I enjoyed a successful career working for several financial and pharmaceutical institutions based in London and the Home Counties before taking a break to bring up my children. Now that they are adults, I can write down all the stories that have been flowing through my mind all these years – and I so enjoy it too!

My family and I now live in beautiful Cornwall where it feels like every day is a holiday! Soaking up the spectacular scenery or exploring the rugged cliffs and beautiful beaches fill our weekends… and our hearts!

I can often be found somewhere along the coast, losing myself in a book or two or three…

The stories I write are filled with love, life, family, and friendships. I hope to be able to tempt you to give them a try for yourself!

You can discover more about me and my work at www.tinamariemiller.co.uk.

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