Featured: A Killing in Samana by Richard Schwindt

Featured: A Killing in Samana by Richard Schwindt Purchase:

    A story of deception, ghosts, and large glasses of rum in a dark and funny murder mystery.

    It’s all rum, sun, and fun until somebody gets murdered.

    Two couples in late middle age take an all-inclusive vacation in the Dominican Republic. What could be more ordinary than that? Not much, unless the group includes social workers, Chris Allard and Tony Price.

    An idyllic getaway is soon disrupted by the unexpected death of an old acquaintance. The Dominican National Police dismiss it as an accident but Chris won’t let go.

    Chris and Tony, aided by their long-suffering wives, investigate a malignant evil that hides in plain sight.

    And it doesn’t take long before they find themselves at grave risk.

    Help is coming from some unexpected places but will it be in time?

    A Killing in Samana is a story of deception, ghosts, and large glasses of rum; bringing together a familiar cast of characters in a dark and funny murder mystery.

    Richard Schwindt

    Meet Richard Schwindt:

    I am a social worker and therapist in Kingston, Ontario, writing fiction and self-help.

    My work is funny, provocative, and meant to entertain or provide practical help when you need it.

    I’ve been shortlisted twice in the International 3 Day Novel Contest.

    I won the outstanding book (self help) and Book of the Year (3rd) in the 2016 Independent Authors Network Book of the Year Awards for Emotional Recovery from Congenital Heart Disease.

    Review by CW Hawes:

    Richard Schwindt is a master storyteller. The pacing is always right. The atmosphere grabs you and pulls you into the story. The characters are so very natural and lifelike.

    The suspense keeps you reading.

    The humor, well, the humor makes you laugh — a lot.

    In A Killing in Samana, Schwindt is once again at his paranormal mystery writing best. We have bad guys radiating evil. We have people who talk to ghosts.

    And we have whiffs of enigmatic Voodoo spells. And yet, it all seems as normal as water out of the tap. That is Schwindt’s gift: making the weird seem completely normal.

    What I especially liked about A Killing in Samana is that it brought together all of my favorite characters: amateur sleuth Chris Allard, occult detective Tony Price, and ghost-seeing ichthyologist Courtney Snow. It was good to spend time with old friends again.

    Do yourself a favor and enter the delightfully weird, yet normal, world of Richard Schwindt. You won’t regret it.

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