Featured: Killer Shot by Mary Stone

Featured: Killer Shot by Mary Stone Purchase:

Twisted and spine-chilling, Killer Shot will make  you wonder how far you’ll go to save your life.

All bets are off when a madman calls the shots.

After Special Agent Stella Knox’s friend and FBI tech ace Mac drops a bombshell regarding the death of Stella’s father, she can’t wait to follow up on the lead.

But that’s put on the backburner when six people are abducted from a dinner party – the door open, the table laid, and the meal started.

Even more disturbing is that a two-year-old is among the missing.

With no sign of a struggle and the only fingerprints belonging to the guests, there’s little to go on. Soon, a body is found in a drainage ditch on the edge of town, shot in the back at close range.

Followed by another.

While Stella and her team scramble to piece together a limited set of clues, a madman is calling the shots in a sadistic game where even the winners lose it all.

Now, it’s a race to find the remaining hostages…while they’re still alive.

Twisted and spine-chilling, Killer Shot is the third book in the new Stella Knox Series by bestselling author Mary Stone and Stacy O’Hare that will make you wonder how far you’d go to save your life.

Mary Stone

Meet Mary Stone:

Mary Stone lives among the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains of East Tennessee with her two dogs, four cats, a couple of energetic boys, and a very patient husband.

As a young girl, she would go to bed every night, wondering what type of creature might be lurking underneath. It wasn’t until she was older that she learned that the creatures she needed to most fear were human.

Today, she creates vivid stories with courageous, strong heroines and dastardly villains. She invites you to enter her world of serial killers, FBI agents but never damsels in distress. Her female characters can handle themselves, going toe-to-toe with any male character, protagonist or antagonist.

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Review by Diana Raven:

KILLER SHOT is the third installment to the Stella Knox Series by Mary Stone and Stacy O’Hare. This is a well paced page turning thriller with a convoluted and gruesome plot, right out of a Criminal Minds TV script. Get ready for a story of that examines what you are capable of doing to save a life.

Stella Knox is still the probie in the Tennessee FBI office. Once you start reading, make sure you have plenty of time to get lost in this well paced page turner.

This is another fantastic story in this series. An emotionless madman is trying to find his emotions by playing with the lives of innocents.

A dinner party of six, one a two year old, have vanished with no clues or signs of violence. When one of their bodies is found, the local police call the for FBI help.

Will Stella and her fellow agents find him before everyone is dead?. As usual I can hardly wait until the next book to find who is in the black car.

I highly recommend it to all lovers of murder mystery/thrillers and I look forward to the next story in the series.

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