Featured: Kaleidoscope by Patricia Taylor Wells

Featured: Kaleidoscope by Patricia Taylor Wells Purchase:

Patricia Taylor Wells continues an exploration of her interaction with the world through poetry and the healing power of nature.

Kaleidoscope is dedicated to those who have forgotten how to love. Wells seeks to express how we hide our humanity when we allow darkness to overcome us.

She discovers the loneliness that follows us around is not always due to being alone, but from feeling unloved.

But there’s nothing like nature to remind us sometimes, after a threatening storm, “a rainbow’s aura blossoms like a garden in the sky where only splendor grows.”

Throughout Kaleidoscope, Wells attributes human traits to non-human creatures, inanimate objects, and abstract ideas in her metaphoric descriptions of the natural, material, and spiritual worlds, resulting in a vivid and unique presentation of her work.

As in her first collection of poetry, LodeStar, the poems in Kaleidoscope are divided into topics that deal with the Sun, Moon and Stars, Creatures of the Land, Air, and Sea, Seasons,

Nostalgia, Distractions, Meditation, Uncertainty, and Disquietude. Wells draws these themes into her own experiences with the changing patterns of a world darkened by a pandemic, the loss of her mother, and other events that brought uncertainty to her life.

But she also reveals the healing power of nature and the hidden beauty behind every cloud of doubt.

Kaleidoscope is a welcome addition to Patricia Taylor Wells’ continual exploration of her interaction with the world through poetry.

Patricia Taylor Wells

Meet Patricia Taylor Wells:

Patricia Taylor Wells published her first book in 2016: “Camp Tyler, A First of its Kind” for the benefit of Camp Tyler, the oldest outdoor education school in the country, which she attended as a child. Since then, Ms. Wells has published the following books: “The Eyes of the Doe” 2017 (novel, “Mademoiselle Renoir à Paris” 2018 (memoir), and “LodeStar: Reflections of Light and Dark) 2019 (poetry).

Her awards include First Place for Family Life/Inspirational Fiction in The Best of Texas Book Awards in 2018 (The Eyes of the Doe) and First Place for Poetry in The Best of Texas Book Awards in 2020 (LodeStar: Reflections of Light and Dark). Also, Ms. Wells has received awards from Texas Authors Association for her short stories: “Final Curtain” 2018, “Among the Thorns” 2019, “Bee Caves Road” 2020, and “Candy Apple” 2020.

Since 2016, Tyler Today Magazine has featured Ms. Wells five times in its “Authors Among Us” column, which she helped inspire to benefit local authors.

Ms. Wells, who holds a BA in English and French, facilitated writing critique groups for the Atlanta Writers Club and Knoxville Writers Group. She especially enjoys writing poetry and draws inspiration from the wide range of experience she gathered from her travels and living in a variety of places. She currently lives in Tyler, Texas.

For more information, please visit her website at www.patricia-taylor-wells.com.

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