Featured: Justice by Kelly Marshall

Featured: Justice by Kelly Marshall Purchase:

Kelly Marshall writes fiction, but the story is as fresh, as real, as frightening as the news stories you read in your morning newspaper.

Magnolia Bluff, Texas, is like any other small town in America.

It has its secrets.

It has its lies.

It has a core of fascinating residents.

They all show up, sooner or later, in the Magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicles.

You never know what they will do next.

You never know what will happen next.

Now comes book eight in the series, Justice, penned by Kelly Marshall, one of the really outstanding mystery/crime novelist writing today.

She writes fiction.

But the story is as fresh, as real, as frightening as the news stories you read in your morning newspaper.

Kelly rips the blinders off the dark side of life.

It’s not a horror story.

But it could be.

Drug cartels.

Human trafficking.



And one conservation officer’s dogged determination to avenge the death of a little girl.

Kelly Marshall, the author of Justice

The Story:

A young girl is discovered raped and murdered just outside of Magnolia Bluff, Texas.

State Conservation Police Officer, Madison Jackson is stunned to her core.

The sight of that battered and bruised child on a stainless-steel slab in the morgue sends Madison on a perilous trip south of the border into the heart of the deadly Mexican cartel country.

Madison is kidnapped.

Will she make it out alive?

Meet Kelly Marshall:

I always knew communication would dominate my life. I

thought it would be as a writer, and I hoped to pen best-selling novels.

But life took a left turn and instead, I ended up at a broadcasting school In Colorado, then spent the next thirty years playing music, interviewing interesting people, and doing love song dedications.

Although the experience was intense, it didn’t seem like work at all. I had a ball.

After thirty years, I walked away from the microphone and decided to follow my first love…writing.

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