Featured: Jenny’s Grace by Pat Nichols

Featured: Jenny's Grace by Pat Nichols Purchase:

How far will Jenny run to escape the dark secrets of her past, secrets that holds her heart hostage?

After ten years and five cities, Chef Jenny Collins returns to Atlanta with two goals. Attract an investor and open her own restaurant to prove she’s nothing like her mother. Until a fateful decision compels her to pack all of her possessions in her car and flee again – this time to Madison, Georgia.

Desperate for cash, she settles for a job serving customers and making donuts at Lou’s Coffee Shop – a far cry from the prestigious positions displayed in her chef portfolio.

When she meets handsome real-estate agent, Sam Gibson, she pegs him as another short-term fling. Then she makes the mistake of falling in love.

To protect him from the truth, she suppresses her emotions and feelings, hoping he’ll settle for friendship.

Sam Gibson, a regular at Lou’s Coffee Shop, is still reeling from a broken heart when Jenny walks into his office, broke and needing a place to rent. Eager to please her, he secures the one place she can afford to live—the apartment above his grandfather’s garage.

As his desire for a life-long, passionate romance intensifies, her mixed signals confuse him. Despite his sister’s warnings and his growing frustration, he heeds his grandfather’s advice and vows to capture Jenny’s heart.

Following her surprise announcement about a new opportunity in another town, will he summon the strength to continue fighting for her love?

When tragedy strikes, will Jenny find her way into Sam’s arms and tell him the shocking truth, or will she flee to another new beginning and keep her dark secret hidden forever?

Pat Nichols

Meet Pat Nichols:

Pat Nichols began her writing journey after retiring from the corporate world. Now as an award-winning author, she’s proving it’s never too late to follow your dreams.

She writes emotional southern women’s fiction and contemporary romance. Pat and her high-school-sweetheart husband of fifty-plus years live in an Atlanta suburb.

She enjoys jigsaw puzzles, watching movies, riding in her hubby’s corvette, and spending time with family and friends. Her favorite indulgence, dark chocolate.


Review by Mary F:

This new book from Pat Nichols is her first romance. And, oh, how she pulls you into the lives of her characters!

Visit Madison and fall in love with the townspeople over a cup of coffee and a slice of quiche.

When Jenny pulls into Madison to fill up her empty gas tank, she decides it is as good of a place as any to try and find a temporary job to earn money. The only problem is that the only place needing restaurant help is a small coffee shop and her skills as a chef make her over-qualified. However, Lou, the owner, decides to hire Jenny.

The people are friendly, the local realtor is both handsome and available, and Jenny finds that she likes living in this small community. She is wary of any romantic relationship, however, and tries to ignore her attraction to Sam. This is hard to do, especially since the town residents seem to think they would make a good couple.

Jenny is hiding secrets of her past and tries hard to avoid becoming involved with Sam. Her way of protecting herself when others get too close is to bolt and run and she eventually does just that. Telling people that she is moving to Charleston immediately to start a new job is a cover when she leaves.

Jenny returns to Madison when told that Lou is in the hospital and that she needs to come back and run the coffee shop until Lou is able to return. Will she also eventually succumb to Sam’s charm? If his family and their friends have anything to say about it, she will.

If you enjoy getting to know and love the characters you read about, then you will love this story. It is a romance, so you know that everything will somehow work out, but you still hang on to every word wondering what will happen next.

I received an advance copy of this book from the author, but no promise was made of a positive review. After reading the early copy, I also chose to purchase the final version of this wonderful story.

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