Featured: India Dymond: Order of Nine by K.D. McNiven

Featured: India Dymond: Order of Nine by K.D. McNiven Purchase:

Readers will experience the razor-edge excitement of walking alongside my characters through exotic locales and engage in dangerous showdowns

Returning to Cairo to attend the reading of her uncle’s will, India Dymond, a thrill-seeking archaeologist, discovers some shocking truths.

First, his death may not have been an accident.

And second, he had a secret life that no one could imagine.

To complicate matters, he leaves her a letter, which leads to a wooden cipher. Could this suspicious relic have something to do with his death?
India herself leads a life of adventure. She knows what she wants and knows how to get it, no matter the cost.

She sets out to uncover the meaning of the cipher, and who might be responsible for her uncle’s death, but soon learns she’s not the only one searching for the cipher and its deadly secrets.

Her quest takes her from Cairo, Egypt to the Himalayan Mountains in India, where she learns about a sect called the Order of Nine, who possess nine books said to have supernatural powers that could change the fabric of the world.

Will India find the Order of Nine and get to the truth before it’s too late?

K.D. McNiven

Meet K.D. McNiven:

I aspired to become a writer since high school and entertained the idea of becoming an archaeologist or a marine biologist, but never followed through.

It only made sense when I began writing novels to incorporate those latent desires into my writing, which you will see when you read my books,

The Monkey Idol, a Decker and Callie Adventure book one, followed by Shark Eater, book two, and Bermuda Conspiracy book three. Recently I published Sheba’s Treasure, A Sam Carter Adventure and Bone Quarry, a horror novel, which is a step off of my usual action-adventure genre.

Each book reflects the dreams I’ve carried with me for years.

I have also have a published short story in Cliffhanger Magazine.

I hope that as you read through the pages of these books, you will experience the razor-edge excitement of walking alongside the Haydens and other characters through exotic locales and engage in dangerous showdowns.

Review by David Lucero:

An exciting and thrilling adventure! Once again, K.D. McNiven proves to be a master writer of adventure, suspense, and thrills!

India Dymond embarks on a mission to locate the ‘Order of Nine,’ a secret sect which may hold answers to the death of her parents from years before.

When she returns to Cairo to settle affairs of her recently deceased uncle, Inda and her cousin, Darius, learn their uncle had a secret life no one suspected.

After finding a mysterious cipher among his things, India must travel halfway across the globe if she is to find answers, but to do this she must enlist the help of fellow archaeologists and be on her guard from dangerous thugs who seek to locate the ‘Order of Nine,’ too, who want to take possession of what may be the most important find in the history of humanity.

Full of tongue-in-cheek action, and a slick writing style, India Dymond and the ‘Order of Nine’ will have you glued to the pages. I can’t wait for the follow-up novel!

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