Featured: Houses of Deception by Cynthia Hamilton

Featured: Houses of Deception by Cynthia Hamilton Purchase:

Review: “There is plenty of mystery, suspense, danger, action, adventure, surprising developments, drama, and tension.”

Three missing persons.

Two private investigators.

One chance to get it right.

The MDPI team agrees to join forces with former nemesis Russell Barnett to find Dylan Latham, the son of the man who lost his life while working to save Madeline’s.

The investigation turns into a hunt for two twenty-somethings who’ve disappeared without a trace, starting at the home of land-rich Cat Kingman, an eccentric woman in her late-70s.

Madeline and Mike soon find themselves wading through a shameful past for clues as they scramble to save two young lives.

A frantic early-morning phone call propels the detectives down a rabbit hole as a missing person case turns into a kidnapping for ransom.

Now juggling two cases, Madeline and Mike can’t afford to waste any time.

But as they dive deeper into both investigations, red flags and gut feelings cause them to question whether the people they’re searching for are really innocent victims—or guilty parties responsible for orchestrating sinister plots.

As they navigate ransom drops, stolen art, and extortion schemes, the two cases prove to be more complicated than either investigator can imagine.

The secrets and lies they uncover will have you turning each page until the very end.

Cynthia Hamilton

Meet Cynthia Hamilton:

A lifelong reader and lover of the written word, Cynthia Hamilton turned to writing in 2000 as a means of coping with a debilitating illness.

Since then, she has written 13 books, 11 of which are available on Amazon. In addition to THE MADELINE DAWKINS MYSTERY SERIES, she writes general fiction and some memoir (FINDING RUTH and ONCE UPON A LYME…A TALE OF TWO JOURNEYS).

The Madeline Dawkins Series has really captured her imagination. Madeline’s dual careers as a private investigator and event planner to the Santa Barbara elite keep her on her toes, sometimes overlapping, as seen in the latest book, HOUSES OF DECEPTION. Release date for Book 7—OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY—is spring 2022. All of the books in the series can be read as standalones.

In a recent interview on SPEAK UP TALK RADIO with host Pat Rullo, Cynthia shares where she found the inspiration for her novels. You can listen to the interview by clicking the link below:

Cynthia Hamilton Speaks Up About Her Book FINDING RUTH

Website: http://cynthiahamiltonbooks.com

Review by Anne Simone:

If you enjoy a good dose of intrigue in a suspenseful novel, don’t hesitate to plunk down your greenbacks and buy this book! Madeline Dawkins is the kind of intelligent sleuth protagonist I like to follow page after page in gripping and dynamic scenes!

Hamilton’s writing is razor-sharp and ideally fits the genre to a proverbial “T.” To say this is well-written doesn’t do it justice. What I enjoy most, as I’ve never read the series in order, is the fact that each of these mystery novels is a stand-alone book, but you never feel lost as enough information of past occurrences is scattered throughout the work.

Sincerest compliments to an author who excels in story-telling and brings to the page well-thought-out plots that not only entertain but in addition, allow the reader a great deal of conjecture—an important facet of the pleasure of reading! Brava!

Please click HERE to find Houses of Deception on Amazon.

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