Featured: Holiday Hiccups by S.S. Bazinet

Featured: Holiday Hiccups by S.S. Bazinet Purchase:

Review: “Captures your heart early and keeps it warm as Gloria is forced by love and hope to make new choices that will spin her life in an entirely different direction.”

Gloria Bentley loves the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. At the start of the season, she is determined not to let her lack of culinary skills stop her from preparing a perfect Thanksgiving feast for her family.

After all, she’s a confident, business woman and a top-notch real estate agent.

However, she panics when pots start bubbling over, something’s burning and a very messy accident leaves her kitchen covered in gravy. Luckily, an unexpected guest named Stanley arrives early and rescues dinner and Gloria.

In the days that follow, Stanley’s also the perfect guy to help Gloria look at all the fears she’s hidden from herself. He might even be the person who helps her take a chance on love. Gloria finds the thought scary.

After being so independent, she wonders if she’s ready to share her life.

Stanley is someone Gloria dreams about, but will she be able to change her ways and let him love her?

Or will she end up old and bitter like her colleague?

Stanley is determined to help her make the right choice.

S.S. Bazinet

Meet S.S. Bazinet:

S.S. Bazinet is in love with storytelling. Her fondest wish is that her stories entertain her readers and also provide them with moments of clarity and a deeper connection to themselves.

Her books include THE VAMPIRE RECLAMATION PROJECT series, the SENTENCED TO HEAVEN series, as well as the YA thriller, My Brother’s Keeper, and a dystopian series, THE MADONNA DIARIES.

For her latest news and information, please visit:

Author’s website: http://www.ssbazinet.com/

Review by Author K.D. McNiven:

Holiday Hiccups is the first book I’ve read by S.S. Bazinet. I’ve had this book in my to-read pile for a long while, and considering the time of year, it was the perfect time to pull it out.

The story begins with its lead character, Gloria Bentley (Glory) as she prepares Thanksgiving dinner. Things are going along fine until her brother announces he has invited his friend, Stanley Bickerman, who had also gone to school with Gloria.

It didn’t take long for her to remember Stanley was awkward, and somewhat an ‘ugly duckling,’ but when he shows up, she’s flabbergasted to see the ‘ugly-duckling’ had grown into an incredibly handsome man who tells her he’d been in love with her from the first moment he saw her at school.

What I liked most about Holiday Hiccups was how Bazinet used Stanley to help Gloria come to terms with deep internal struggles she had never faced. She is strong, independent, successful, and self-sufficient.

Little did she know, at that moment, this gentle, warm-hearted man would turn her life as she knew it upside down.

It’s the story of an awakening.

A story of reconciliation and hope.

I highly recommend Bazinet’s Holiday Hiccups. 5 healing stars.

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