Featured: Good Girls Don’t Drink Vodka by C.A. Larmer

Featured: Good Girls Don't Drink Vodka by C.A. Larmer Purchase:

Review: “The gang’s back together, putting their best sleuthing skills to work … while facing their personal demons.”

WHO KILLED SIR GEORGE? Our amateur detectives come full circle when the mining magnate who united them is found murdered, his trusty assistant arrested – and with good reason. All the evidence points Verity Vine’s way, and at least one sleuth thinks she’s guilty.

Yet there are so many delicious suspects to choose from, especially when another prime suspect shows up murdered.

  • WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO KILA’S SISTER?While the sleuths explore two fresh crimes, renegade gumshoe Kila is busy with a cold case of his own. He’s just learned the monster who killed his sister, Chili, on a Tinder date may be innocent, and the culprit could still be out there.

    What’s worse, Kila’s just found a connection to two seemingly unrelated deaths…

  • THE BODY IN THE ALLEY & THE GIRL AT BONDIHow does the shanking of a conman in a Kings Cross laneway and the accidental drowning of a vodka drinker at Bondi Beach connect to a Tinder date gone bad? As Kila begins to unravel the layers of Chili’s four-year-old case, he realises it’s more complex than he could have imagined, and it’s going to take more than lemon squash and lager to swallow the truth of what happened to his sister.

    Luckily, Kila has his fellow sleuths for back-up…

THE SLEUTHS OF LAST RESORT: Sign up for the third mind-bending adventure with our fabulously flawed detectives – Clue/do champ Merry, crime author Martin, dinosaur ex-cop Earle, true-crime reporter Frankie and reckless PI Kila. This time they’re solving five impossible mysteries while pulling off the impossible in their private lives – they’re finally getting their acts together, and you won’t want to miss a (heart)beat!

Christina Larmer

From C.A. Larmer:

“I first conjured up this series after a conversation with a UK agent who loved my Murder Mystery Book Club (formerly the Agatha Christie Book Club) but wanted to know—as agents often do—what else I had in my kit bag. Could I create something similar but anew?

As my thinking cap went on, my two sons, then still in their teens, were mad about the Marvel movies, and that really sparked my “leetle grey cells”.

“Why not create a team of “super sleuths”?

“I didn’t want my amateur detectives to have actual super powers, because it’s so much harder for real people with real bodies and real issues to be victorious, don’t you think? But I did want them to each bring something special to the group, and it all started with my bumbling, seemingly clueless Clue/do champ Merry (no points for guessing my favourite boardgame!)

“I’ve had such fun creating this eclectic team, and even more fun lobbing impossible mysteries—and problematic personal issues—at them and seeing how well they fare. I hope you enjoy the ride, too. This will not be the last of these books, but it does resolve a trilogy of mysteries that I put in place from the very first sentence.”

Meet C.A. Larmer:

Christina (C.A.) Larmer tried writing a romance at the age of 13 but pretty soon she’d slaughtered the hero and planted it on the heroine. It was the beginning of a beautiful love affair that has now resulted in four crime series—including the Ghostwriter Mysteries, the Murder Mystery Book Club, and the new Sleuths of Last Resort—as well as a thriller-suspense and a stand-alone mystery masquerading as a family saga (she’s fooling nobody).

Born and bred in Papua New Guinea, Christina has lived and worked around the world from New York and Los Angeles to London and Sydney.

A journalist, editor, teacher and mentor, she now resides on the east coast of Australia with her musician husband, two sons, a devilish Blue heeler and countless koalas and snakes, none of which come close to the villains in her books. Well, maybe just the Bluey…

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