Featured: Ghost Notes by Beth Henderson

Featured: Ghost Notes by Beth Henderson Purchase:

Review: From the fast-moving pacing to the full cast of characters, Ghost Notes will captivate all of your senses.

Jace Hastings, rising music star, is presumed dead in a vehicle collision, courtesy of a stalker with deadly designs.

Ten years later, P.I. Gaelen Wyndom can’t believe someone wants her to find him.

Pelham Flannery rejoined the world from ICU, fully aware someone had tried to kill him.

To live, he went under the radar, distanced himself from music, and disguised everything that would give away his identity as Jace.

After a decade, is it safe to come out of hiding?

Gaelen, delighted to be trained as a professional investigator by her new husband, continued in her new career after he was killed.

Assigned to locate Jace Hastings, she isn’t told who wants to find him, but she puzzles it out.

If she’s right, it’s the man who tried to kill him before.

Which means she needs to find Jace Hastings and save him.

Beth Henderson

Meet Beth Henderson:

Beth Henderson has been a published novelist in romance since 1990 when her first romantic suspense/romantic comedy novel was published.

Since then she’s had a long list of titles released through various publishing houses, and also under a variety of names. In 2021 she launched a 4-volume paranormal lite cozy mystery romantic comedy series, the Whichur-Wolfe Detection novels, all of which swept up 5* reviews.

Her latest release is GHOST NOTES, a romantic suspense released by The Wild Rose Press. She also writes Old West historical romantic mysteries.

As J.B. Dane she also writes urban fantasy comedic mystery. As Nied Darnell, it’s Weird West Steampunk, Victorian Gaslamp comedic mystery, and 1920s Dieselpunk fantasy adventures with an agent who is a whiz when it comes to glamours…or glamor!

For romance, find her at www.4TaleTellers.com.

Review by N.N. Light:

A rising music star dies in a car accident or is he alive and in hiding from a killer on the loose?

Ten years ago, musician Jace Hastings died in a horrific accident.

If that’s true, why is someone paying PI Gaelen to track Jace down?

She doesn’t know who is footing the bill, but she wonders if it’s the same person who killed or attempted to kill Jace the first time around.

Time is running out, but she’ll stop at nothing to find and save Jace before it’s too late.

Ghost Notes is an emotional romantic suspense I couldn’t stop reading. This book reads like a symphony with dramatic interludes and sweeping intrigue.

From the fast-moving pacing to the full cast of characters, Ghost Notes will captivate all of your senses. The descriptive narration has a musical quality which adds an unusual depth to the overall story.

As the book unfolds, I found myself questioning what was really going on. Beth Henderson is a masterful writer who takes this plot into avenues I didn’t expect. I love when an author does the unexpected.

Well-written suspense with a few red herrings, Ghost Notes is a book you need to read. I’ve finished reading it and I can’t wait to read it again. Highly recommend!

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