Featured: Facade by Helen Matthews

Featured: Facade by Helen Matthews Purchase:

A twisty tale of tragedy, guilt, and revenge, of loss, guilt, and danger in a family where silence echoes louder than truth.

A drowned child.

Estranged sisters.

A once-perfect home.

Silence echoes louder than truth.

When seventeen-year-old Rachel’s baby brother drowns and her older sister, Imogen, escapes to live abroad with Simon, her musician boyfriend, Rachel must face the family’s grief and disintegration alone.

Twenty years later, Rachel is a successful businesswoman, with a daughter of her own, supporting her parents and their elegant Georgian home, The Old Rectory, that shackles them to the past.
Simon’s sudden death in Ibiza brings Imogen back, impoverished and resentful. Her family owes her, and she will stop at nothing to reclaim what she believes is rightly hers.

The rift between the sisters seems permanent. While Imogen has lived a nomadic life, filled with intrigue, in Spain and Tunisia, Rachel’s has appeared stable and successful but, behind the veneer, cracks are appearing. Now, she is vulnerable.

As the wall of silence and secrecy crumbles, danger stalks Rachel’s family. She must re-examine her baby brother’s death, find out what happened in Tunisia, and fight to hold onto everything she’s achieved –or risk losing it all.

Façade is a gripping tale of loss, guilt, and danger.

Helen Matthews

Meet Helen Matthews:

Welcome to my Amazon author page. I write page-turning psychological suspense and suspense thrillers and I’m fascinated by the darker side of human nature and how a life can change in an instant. Look out for my new novel ‘The Girl in the Van’ to be published by Darkstroke Books. It’s a chilling page-turner that touches on serious and complex themes including individual grief and vulnerability, as well as societal responsibilities towards the disadvantaged and dispossessed. According to one reader “It manages to be both thought-provoking and thrilling – no mean feat.”

My previous novel Facade was published by Darkstroke and is a twisty tale of tragedy, guilt, and revenge in a family where ‘silence echoes louder than truth’.

Why not try Lies Behind the Ruin published in April 2019 by Hashtag Press? It’s domestic noir and contemporary suspense about a family whose problems at home in the UK threaten to overwhelm them so they try to outrun them by moving to a ‘ruin’ in France. But secrets and lies from the past pursue them because, after all, how can you build a new life on toxic foundations?

My debut novel,  After Leaving the Village, was published in October 2017. It won first prize in the opening page’s category at Winchester Writers’ Festival. It’s a gritty contemporary suspense thriller so won’t suit all tastes but it’s been hailed by reviewers as ‘very much a novel of our times’ and ‘powerful’…one of the reasons why it has been endorsed by anti-slavery charity, Unseen.’

I’m now an ambassador for the charity and available to give talks at festivals, author events, and to local groups about the themes in my novel.

I’d love to know what you think, so please leave a review.

My short story and travel writing collection Brief Encounters is available as an eBook and includes many prize-winning and short-listed stories. Take a look at my website over on www.helenmatthewswriter.com where you’ll also find my contact details and can tell me what you loved – or hated – about my novel.

Praise for Façade:

A compelling story of a family plagued by secrecy and pretense. When Rachel Stapleton’s estranged sister returns from overseas following the mysterious death of her husband, the careful life she has constructed for herself starts to erode. This is a deftly plotted and fast-paced novel with unforgettable characters, an immersive style, an intriguing family mystery at the centre. I couldn’t put it down! – Joanna Barnard, award-winning author of Precocious and Hush Little Baby.


From the first page, I was glued to this book. It slowly builds up and by the visual and atmospheric writing style, I disappear into this family story where everything is not what it seems. – Book blogger ‘Fany Goes English ‘ – Fany Van Hemelen


There is a great mystery to the book and just when you think you have it all sussed out, it completely changes. There is a great mystery to the book and just when you think you have it all sussed out, it completely changes. – Book blogger The Divine Write.


Honestly, this book was so good I don’t want to spoil the story or give anything away but if you enjoy a good thriller then I highly recommend this book  –Fiona, book blogger at eBook Addicts.

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