Featured: Eulogy in Black and White

Featured: Eulogy in Black and White Purchase:

As an old newspaperman, I know the impact that a murder can have on a small town, especially one filled with wonderful but eccentric people.

Eulogy inj Black and White is available for pre-order. It will be released on May 20.

Welcome to Magnolia Bluff with a story told through the eyes of a small-town editor who doesn’t know how to properly write a story but publishes a newspaper anyway.

Eulogy in Black and White is Book 2 of the Crime Chronicles of Magnolia Bluff.

Be sure and check out Book 1, Death Wears a Crimson Hat by CW Hawes. There will be a new book every month through December, written by some of the top mystery writers in the business.

Don’t miss a one of them

Now let me introduce you to Eulogy in Black and White.

As an old newspaperman, I know the impact that a murder can have on a small town, especially one filled with wonderful but eccentric people.

But what happens when nine people are struck down?

There’s a serial killer running loose.

And everyone in Magnolia Bluff is a suspect.


Death Stalks a Small Town.

Magnolia Bluff waits.

With apprehension.

With dread.

With terror.

May twenty-third is coming.

Somebody always dies on May twenty-third.


No one knows.

A killer walks in the shadows.

The killer is ready to strike again.

Caleb Pirtle III

My Personal Story:

I may live in the present. I prefer the past.

I have written more than 80 books, including award-winning historical fiction novels about an East Texas oil boom during the Great Depression. Back Side of a Blue Moon won the Beverly Hills Book Award, and Blue Moon, as well as Bad Side of a Wicked Moon, received the Best of Texas Book Award.

My Ambrose Lincoln historical thriller series is set during World War II: Secrets of the Dead, Conspiracy of Lies, Night Side of Dark, and Place of Skulls. I have three novellas in the Man on the Run Trilogy: Lovely Night to Die, Rainy Night to Die, and  Lonely Night to Die.

And my newest book is Eulogy in Black and White, book two in the multi-author Crime Chronicles of Magnolia Bluff.

I have published a memoir of sorts: The Man Who Talks to Strangers. It was followed by Confessions from the Road, an assortment of true stories I collected during my travels for Southern Living and numerous other Magazines. However, the short stories are about people, not travel. I strongly believe that what happens is never as important as the people who make it happen.

I began my career in the newspaper business, working for small-town newspapers in Gladewater, Mount Pleasant, and Plainview before ending up at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

I was hired by Governor John Connally to promote tourism in Texas and became the first travel editor for Southern Living Magazine

I served as editorial director for a custom publisher in Dallas for twenty-five years.

I have written three screenplays for television, including Gambler V, a CBS mini-series, and The Texas Rangers for TNT.

He and his wife Linda, who is working on her fourth cozy mystery in the “Games People Play” series, as well as Book 8 in the Magnolia Bluff series, live in North Fort Worth. She is closer to her grandchildren. I am closer to the soccer and baseball fields.

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