Featured Emalyn’s Treasure by Joy Ross Davis

Featured Emalyn's Treasure by Joy Ross Davis Purchase:

    With the charm of a magician and the brush strokes of a master painter, Joy Ross Davis creates such vivid imagery of time and place.

    What do you hold dear?

    Lady Emalyn has kept a cherished treasure hidden in the cushion of a green velvet chair since the age of six. No one has ever seen it, including her beloved husband Owen and her devoted housekeeper, Fiona.

    When Emalyn learns treasure hunters are near, she fears for the safety of her find. As she and Owen begin a journey into a world that neither of them could have imagined, Emalyn learns the value of the true treasures in her life.

    About Joy Ross Davis:

    Joy Ross Davis is of Irish descent and a student of the lore and magic found in the hills of Tennessee. After a twenty-five year career as a college English professor, she traveled to Ireland and worked as a writer and photographer, publishing numerous travel articles and photos for an Irish travel agency.

    She has been a contributing feature writer for a local newspaper and has published articles in Southern literary magazines.

    She lives in Alabama with her son and beloved dogs. She loves to speak at conferences, book club meetings, and events to share her connection with angels and the stories behind her books.

    Review by Reader’s Favorite:

    With the charm of a magician and the brush strokes of a master painter, Joy Ross Davis creates such vivid imagery of time and place, and characters as real as your own friends and family, that you’ll feel like you are living inside the pages of Emalyn’s Treasure.

    You become the characters, experiencing each step of the story as it unfolds before you. And just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, along comes another surprise that leaves you laughing and crying at the same time.

    These are the best kinds of stories, the kind that take you on an emotional journey. One second you’re blowing your nose and wiping your eyes, the next you are chuckling and diving back for more.

    Review by Sandy Signing In:

    EMALYN’S TREASURE is a love story set in Ireland during the 1930s. The passionate relationship between Lady Emalyn and her beloved Owen is the cornerstone of the story. I enjoyed the beautifully portrayed gentleness between them, and I was buoyed up by the couple’s inner strength and dedication to all that is good and true.

    In the midst of this love story, a wonderful element of mystery kept me in suspense, while elements of danger added a haunting quality. This story has it all, a need for tears that express both sadness and joy, and to top it all off, the ending comes as a surprise.

    When I finished the book, I was left with a feeling that there is a perfect plan to life, even when the road has been a very difficult one.