Featured: Echoes of Other Times by Kathryn Meyer Griffith

Featured: Echoes of Other Times by Kathryn Meyer Griffith Purchase:

A husband is missing, and the mysterious case that doesn’t end up anything like either of them expect when it leads to vile murders.

Frank and Abigail, and the town of Spookie, have survived the last horrific year and a half and are moving on with their lives.

They’re sending their two children, Laura and Nick, off into the world to seek their futures. Abigail is preparing for another art gallery show, her theme this time: ghosts.

Frank is preparing to fully retire, for the final time, from his part-time deputy’s job at the sheriff’s department…after he helps the sheriff solve one last case.

A missing husband. A case that doesn’t end up anything like either of them expect, when it leads to vile murders.

Then Myrtle, while scootering around in town, is befriended by a strange barefoot boy who seems to be homeless…and special in many unusual ways.

Glinda, Myrtle’s grandniece, the psychic, has a secret.

All the other quirky citizens of Spookie are here as well living their everyday lives amidst the fog and the mysteries.

Kathryn Meyer Griffith

Meet Kathryn Meyer Griffith:

I’ve been writing for over fifty years and have published thirty-two novels and thirteen short stories….most of them are now also in Audible audio books (Audible, iTunes and Amazon.com). Take a look/listen at Audible.com.

I write traditional supernatural horror, SF horror, ghost stories, romantic time-travel, cozy murder mysteries, paranormal romance and dinosaur tales. I’ve been writing about murders and mysteries, dinosaurs, end-of-the-world tales, possessed guns, ghosts, ancient Egyptian spirits, witches, haunted places and evil vampires since I was 21. These days I consider myself less of a horror writer and just a plain old storyteller.

My best-selling series are my SPOOKIE TOWN MURDER MYSTERIES (Scraps of Paper, All Things Slip Away, Ghosts Beneath Us, Witches Among Us, What Lies Beneath the Graves, All Those Who Came Before, and When the Fireflies Returned) and my six DINOSAUR LAKE novels.

I’m a wife of over 43 years (husband, Russell), mother (one son, James), grandmother (two grandchildren, Caitlyn and Joshua) and a great grandmother. I was also a graphic designer in the corporate world for 23 years; but always wrote my books on the side. I love cats and nature, classic rock and country music. VISIT me to see all my book covers and trailers here:

My Blog: https://kathrynmeyergriffith.wordpress.com/

DINOSAUR LAKE was a 2014 EPIC EBOOK AWARDS *FINALIST* in their Suspense/Thriller category! NOW THE FIVE SEQUELS TO IT, DINOSAUR LAKE II: Dinosaurs Arising, DINOSAUR LAKE III: Infestation, Dinosaur Lake IV: Dinosaur Wars and Dinosaur Lake V: Survivors, and Dinosaur Lake VI: The Alien Connection ARE ALL OUT.

My The Last Vampire-Revised Author’s Edition was also a 2012 EPIC EBOOK AWARDS *FINALIST* in their Horror category.

Review by Catherine Fields:

I highly recommend this book.

I love the kind hearts and souls of the characters.

Now reading the eighth book, it’s like visiting with old friends.

The mystery in this book was so interesting and captivating.

This book is definitely a page turner and hard to put down.

Loved it!

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