Featured: Destiny Dreamer by Breakfield and Burkey

Featured: Destiny Dreamer by Breakfield and Burkey Purchase:

Jamie faces emotional highs and lows as he travels distant highways to discover his future. But where will his future lead him?

Jamie started life as a carefree lad in Ireland, living in a farm family. When his brother Ian was born, he vowed to show him all the best things as a big brother.

They became best friends from the time Jamie taught Ian to drive a tractor.

Their bonding exercises as young men was rebuilding a motorcycle from a box of greasy old parts. They traveled to learn their destiny together.

Jamie met his love Frieda as he ventured into a new career in technology and their paths crossed on a bus. The relationship blossomed into a family.

The future looked bright for the young lovers.

Jamie faces emotional highs and lows as he travels. His one consistency is the bus rides to discover his future.

Where will his future lead him?

Charles Breakfield and Rox Burkey

Meet Charles Breakfield:

Charles Breakfield is a renowned technology solutions architect with years of experience in security, cloud computer, hybrid data/telecom environments, artificial intelligence, and unified communications.

He finds it intriguing to leverage his professional skills in writing the contemporary award-winning stories of the Enigma Series and the short stories he creates with his co-author.

Never one to sit still, he uses his spare time to explore books on World War II history, travels with his family, and cultural exchanges everywhere.

Charles’ love of wine tastings, cooking creations on the grill like individual pizzas, and Harley riding are sometimes sprinkled throughout the Enigma Series.

Recently, Charles commented that being a part of his father’s military career stationed at various outposts has positively contributed to the many characters in the stories.

He enjoys exploring the various character perspectives and interactions pulling from real people. He accepted the challenge to try to teach Burkey humor which is also incorporated into many of the stories in an unexpected manner.

Burkey commented that If Charles is not creating a new story he paces like a caged tiger. So yes there is another story in the works. You can enjoy snippets of their stories, book trailers, audible sections, and get FREE stuff at www.EnigmaSeries.com

Meet Rox Burkey:

Rox Burkey aka Roxanne Burkey honestly prefers the shortened version. Known for helping business customers modernize and optimize customer experience (CX) with processes, technology shifts, and building roadmaps to success.

Nothing makes her workday go better than for a customer to indicate she helped reach their business goals. She is adept at learning the drivers for customers and helping to measure their success as well as adjust their journey using CX principles.

Rox loves writing fiction as much if not more than her professional job. More than once she has been a featured speaker, workshop leader, subject matter expert, interviewer, podcaster, book reviewer through RoxBurkey.com.

Her favorite is writing the novels and short stories of the Enigma Series. She convinced her co-author Charles Breakfield that writing fiction is a lot more fun than white papers or documentation.

As a child, Rox jumped at the chance to lead the other kids with exciting new adventures built on make-believe characters.

As a Girl Scout until high school, she contributed to the community and went on to support the local Head Start program. Rox enjoys her family, cross country travel (okay international too) listening to people, outdoor activities, sewing, cooking, baking, and imagining the possibilities.

Recently Rox indicated that her humor was lousy, and Charles was helping her. You can enjoy snippets of their stories, book trailers, audible sections, and get FREE stuff at www.EnigmaSeries.com.

Review by Jan S:

Set in Ireland, this short story is a journey into a close relationship with two brothers, Jamie and Ian. They shared everything, even a dream. They want to build a motorcycle.

So, with miscellaneous parts, they build a bike they call a franken-cycle as it lives up to its name. But that lights a spark and they decide that before Jamie enters the university, they want to take a road trip and see the country.

They work hard, save pennies and finally have enough to buy two motorbikes. The trip changes Jamie’s life forever and most of the story is his reflections in a dream-like state.

Every incident is in the past except for the final bus ride and final scene.

The story ends on a hopeful note.

While this is a different way to tell a story, it works for me and I enjoyed it.

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