Featured: Defrayed by M.J. Newman

Featured: Defrayed by M.J. Newman Purchase:

It seems as if he can’t outrun his past forever. It’s catching up, and now he has to pay. One way or another the truth will out.

Martin Garrett had it all, or at least he thought he did. That all changed the day he woke up to a Dear John note from his wife.

His twenty years of reinvention and hard work undone in the time it took to read a single paragraph.

If he thought his day couldn’t get any worse, he was wrong.

Seems he can’t outrun his past forever, and now he has to pay.

One way or another the truth will out.

Join Garrett as he journeys into the abyss. A man at war with himself, raging against the world.

M.J. Newman

Meet M.J. Newman:

MJ Newman is a UK based Crime/Thriller writer. He lives in the Midlands and enjoys taking his dogs for long walks, allowing his mind to wander to the dark side, dreaming up gritty crime thrillers for readers to enjoy.

He uses his own and others’ experiences to help craft his stories. Having previously worked as a police photographer and a prison tutor he has a tome of stories just waiting to put out there.

His stories are a successful mixture, combining fact and fiction, allowing Newman to delve into the world of both the investigator and the perpetrator, to deliver fast-paced edge-of-the-seat genre fiction.

You can find him at www.markjnewman.com

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