Featured: Dead Before Sunrise by C.P. Daly

Featured: Dead Before Sunrise by C.P. Daly Purchase:

Review; C.P. Daly C.P has a way of casting the line, hooking the reader, and slowly reeling them into a pulsating finish.

Kelsey is settling nicely into her new life with Luke in Texas. College and volunteering at a local shelter takes up most of her time.

Hope Shelter provides a home to young adults who have aged out of the foster care system and Kelsey is passionate about volunteering there.

She identifies with the kids and wants to make a difference in their lives; after all, she was one of them not so long ago.

Eve, a sweet girl from the shelter, shows up at Kelsey’s local gym asking for help.

Unforeseen events keep Kelsey from connecting with her and later she’s shocked to learn Eve never made it
back to the shelter.

Filled with guilt and remorse, Kelsey won’t give up until she finds Eve.

C.P. Daly

Meet C.P. Daly:

C.P. Daly has written two novels in The Kelsey Woods series, Dead After Midnight (debut novel, released May of 2020) and Dead Before Sunrise – (released December of 2020).

She is currently working on Book-three, Dead Days Ahead, in The Kelsey Woods trilogy.

Review by K.D. McNiven:

This is the second book I’ve read by C.P. Daly, and I found it just as well-written and enjoyable as her first book Dead After Midnight. C.P has a way of casting the line, hooking the reader, and slowly reeling them into a pulsating finish.

What I enjoy most about her writing is how she develops the characters. She delves deep into their emotions and brings forth their goals, personalities, and motivations.

You can see it most clearly when her main character, Kelsey, settles into her new life in Texas with her boyfriend Luke and starts working at a shelter that helps give guidance to troubled young adults coming out of foster homes.

She touches on their pain, their distrust of people, and their feelings of hopelessness and despair. I especially loved her character Pretty, who got caught up in street life.

Kesley accepted who he was from the start, saw his need, and helped give him hope for a future.

I also loved seeing how Kelsey dedicated her life to changing the horrors of street life she had lived in the first book and used the knowledge to help others. A five-star thriller!

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