Featured: Bungle in the Jungle by J.L Greger

Featured: Bungle in the Jungle by J.L Greger Purchase:

Review: Think Indiana Jones or Laura Croft on steroids, a good adventure story with a dash of mystery, intrigue, and a whole lot of action.

The U.S. consular office in Manaus, Brazil, is a “bungle in the jungle.”

Can Sara Almquist and the new Acting Ambassador to Brazil figure out how the staff in this remote office in the middle of the Amazon jungle became so enmeshed in the illegal international trade of drugs and cultural artifacts?

J.L. Greger

Meet J.L. Greger:

Is science a mystery to you? Do you want to learn a bit more about science, but you don’t want to read a dry text?

In my Science Traveler Series, you’ll see Sara Almquist apply her skills as an scientist to solve medical and criminal mysteries in New Mexico and worldwide. Sara is a modern woman—a professional but with practical problems, including a boyfriend.

You’ll also meet the perfect gentleman in my books, Sara’s Japanese Chin dog – Bug. The character Bug is based on my own dog. As you read the books, you may think Sara has better taste in dogs than in men.

Here are blurbs on my thrillers/mysteries:

The U.S. consular office in Manaus Brazil is a BUNGLE IN THE JUNGLE. Can Sara Almquist figure out how the staff in this office became so enmeshed in the illegal trade of drugs and cultural artifacts? (Book 11 of the series)

FAIR COMPROMISES: In a race against time, Sara Almquist and her FBI colleagues must determine how attendees at a U.S. Senate candidate’s rally were poisoned with botulinum toxin and investigate related murders before the killer strikes again. (Book 10 in the series)

GAMES FOR COUPLES: A man participating in a study of cultured meat – meat grown in a test tube – dies. Was his death caused by toxic compounds in the product, lethal competition among biotech firms, or spite between battling couples? (Finalist for a NM/Arizona book award. Book 9 in the series)

DIRTY HOLY WATER: Sara learns what if feels like to be a suspect when a friend is murdered. Of course, she didn’t kill the woman, but can she prove it before she’s scheduled to take a romantic trip to India? (Finalist for a NM/Arizona book award. Book 8 in the series)

THE FLU IS COMING: Which is deadlier: a new form of flu which killed half or Sara’s neighbors in a walled community or a drug kingpin determined to break out of the quarantined enclave? (Finalist for a New Mexico/Arizona book award. Book 1 in the series)

MURDER…A WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT: Can Sara and her sister determine how a diet doctor in a medical center was poisoned before the killer strikes again? (Finalist for a 2016 New Mexico/Arizona Book Award and won the 2016 Public Safety Writers Association [PSWA] contest. Book 2 in the series)

IGNORE THE PAIN: Did Sara learn too much about the coca trade and too little about a sexy new colleague while on a public health assignment in Bolivia? (Book 3 in series)

MALIGNANCY: After being shot at twice in one day by gang members disguised as police, Sara accepts a risky assignment in Cuba. Was that a wise decision? (Won the 2015 PSWA contest. Book 4 in the series)

I SAW YOU IN BEIRUT: Will Sara’s past provides clues to aid the extraction of a nuclear scientist from Iran? (Book 5 in the series)

RIDDLED WITH CLUES: Will tales about the Vietnam War from an undercover drug agent and messages from a homeless veteran save a woman? (Finalist for a New Mexico/Arizona Book Award. Book 6 in the series.)

A POUND OF FLESH, SORTA A pound of sheep guts contaminated with plague bacteria which causes plague is delivered to Sara’s home. Is it a threat by gang leaders to prevent Sara testifying at their racketeering trials or as a plea for help from an employee in a meat packing plant. (Finalist for a NM/Arizona book award. Book 7 in the series)

If you’re not in the mood for thriller or a mystery, why not read about families in THE GOOD OLD DAYS? or OTHER PEOPLE’S MOTHERS. (The second collection was a finalist for a NM/Arizona book award.) These stories aren’t memoirs but are based on real memories.

Review by Michael A. Black:

This is book number 11 of J.L. Greger’s series and she puts her formidable protagonist, Sara Almquist, through some rigorous paces.

After arriving to spend two weeks in Brazil as a “scientific consultant,” and hoping to spend sneak in some quality time with her paramour, Eric Sanders, Sara suddenly finds herself thrust into a slam bang adventure story full of devious twists, unexpected shootouts, and a whole lot more.

Suffice it to say, this one rolls along mightily, making the “Bungle in the Jungle,” her name for the consulate in Manasas, into a more apt “Rumble in the Jungle.”

Think Indiana Jones or Laura Croft on steroids. If you like a good solid adventure story with a dash of mystery, intrigue, and a whole lot of action, this one’s for you.

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