Featured: Bred and Born Texan by Jinx Schwartz

Featured: Bred and Born Texan by Jinx Schwartz Purchase:

When you read a book written by Jinx Schwartz, you are in for a laugh-a-minute mystery, and now she takes you to the eccentric town of Magnolia Bluff.

Blue Bonet, widowed and in mourning, returns to Magnolia Bluff in her home state of Texas.

Her grandmother had bequeathed an old lake house to her, and she cherishes childhood memories there.

She arrives at the lake and finds the house she remembers as being grand, is now in disrepair.

She tackles the repairs, and is determined to make a new life for herself.

It seems like an uphill battle.

A rollercoaster of ups and down conspire to destroy her dream, and she begins to wonder if you really can’t go home again.

Jinx Schwartz

Meet Jinx Schwartz:

Award-winning author, Jinx Schwartz, spends time between Arizona and Mexico.

Her Hetta Coffey mystery series won the EPPIE award for Best Mystery (Just Add Water) and was a finalist for Best Mystery (Just Add Trouble).

Jinx, a ninth-generation Texan, was raised all over the planet, then followed in her father’s steel-toed boot steps in the construction/engineering bidness.

Working and living in multiple countries has given her a treasure trove of experience that shows in her humorous writing.

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