Featured: Beyond a Reasonable Donut by Ginger Bolton

Featured: Beyond a Reasonable Donut by Ginger Bolton Purchase:

A fun, quick read with terrific characters and a mystery that keeps you engaged with plenty of suspects and clues to sift through.

Emily and her assistant, Nina, are looking forward to manning the Deputy Donut tent at the Faker’s Dozen Carnival in Fallingbrook, Wisconsin—a festival held on Friday the thirteenth to celebrate good and bad luck.

But Emily has barely dropped the corn fritters in oil when bad luck boils up.

First, their bucket of confectioner’s sugar disappears—and then while a mime creates a distraction, a magician robs their cash register.

After the carnival, their misfortune continues. Emily discovers that someone has broken into artist Nina’s loft and vandalized a large painting in progress with the bucket of stolen sugar, which is now on the head of the mime, who seems to have been suffocated.

Emily would bet Nina was the intended victim, but the cops think Nina silenced the mime.

Now Emily must catch the killer white-handed—before someone else kicks the bucket.

Ginger Bolton

Meet Ginger Bolton:

like donuts and I like coffee. I like reading and I like writing. I like lots of things, actually…

People gather in donut shops to drink coffee and eat delicious treats, and also to spend time with neighbors and friends. What if a murder occurred in a small town? Wouldn’t patrons who spend time enjoying each others’ company in the town’s favorite coffee shop gossip about the tragedy and the possible culprits?

And the people who own that shop would hear things that might lead them to a murderer. Anything could happen…

Usually, when people ask where I get my ideas, I say, “Everywhere.” That’s true, but the idea for a donut shop run by people with connections to a police department came from Cops & Doughnuts. You can read their wonderful story at copsdoughnuts.com.

Finally, I have a confession. I have an alias. Readers might know me as Janet Bolin, author of the Threadville Mysteries.

Review by Adam:

Emily is tentatively romantically interested in a local detective, Brent, but she plays amateur detective herself to solve a complex murder with lots of suspects. A magician and a mime upset the two of them and for good reason. There is also a very strict and almost nuts, coordinator at the carnival who has it in for Emily. Emily puts herself in jeopardy a couple of times, but I was cheering for her to solve the mystery.

This mystery had plenty of suspects and clues. It seemed like every time I turned the page the author was leading me down another path and I was once again back at square one with no idea about the killer’s identity. Emily becomes involved this time around because her friend and employee is arrested for murder.

The author did a great job of keeping me on my toes and trying to put the clues together to lead me to the correct suspect. Ironically, I was not up to the challenge and missed a few clues and was taken by surprise when the killer was revealed. I wanted to read this book because I thoroughly enjoy foodie cozies, and the carnival setting sounded very appealing. Throw in the Friday the 13th twist and it really puts a different spin on the book.

The author did a great job with setting and describing the small town feel and scene. Growing up in a small town I felt like I could relate to this town and I felt like I was visiting Fallingbrook, Wisconsin from the way the author described everything.

Beyond a Reasonable Donut is the fifth book in the Deputy Donut mystery series. I did not read the previous four books in the series. During the beginning of the book I had to really follow the characters as I wasn’t as familiar with them as I could have been had I read all of the previous books in the series.

If you are looking for a fun, quick read with terrific characters and a mystery that keeps you engaged with plenty of suspects and clues to sift through, then this is a book for you.

I enjoyed reading about Emily, Dep, and the rest of the characters. The author writes Emily with such warmth and caring. Yes, she tends to investigate and put herself in harm’s way on occasion, but she possesses good deductive reasoning that eventually gets her to the bottom of the mystery at hand.

I am now going to go back and read the rest of the books in the series to get caught up. I look forward to returning to Fallingbrook, Wisconsin for the next book in the series.

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