Featured: Beware of Darkness by Martha Perez

Featured: Beware of Darkness by Martha Perez Purchase:


Scary short stories of redemption that are spine-chilling, brilliant, and captivating from the first page to the last. Read at your own risk.

Be careful how you mess with someone.

They might get you back.

The dark twilight. Any light that there was is now replaced by pitch-black skies. With no life in sight, Beth will need her sister ‘Nova’ to help. She knows that her fight is for the light. Nova is twisted and is the Goddess of the dark. She needs Nova’s powers to understand what’s going on around her.

The evil world will follow your every move to walk a straight line on the lonely road of darkness. Nova opens her mind to realities Beth has never known. It will get Beth sidetracked and in trouble. She needs her light more than ever and Nova’s darkness just the same.
-Sci-Fi Thriller

Only At Night
A couple, Gregory and Drew, are going to a party. Drew didn’t want to see lots of strangers making fools of themselves, but Gregory insists. He might have wished he can go back in time and change his mind. He got more than what he bargained for and may never make it through the night. 

Lonely Girl
She had a list of expectations of what kind of man she wanted; Cora meets this perfect guy at a market down the street. If only finding the right one came with warning labels. 

Percy Peacock
Mr. Peacock smokes another cigar puff and drinks a glass of Bourbon while writing another story. It’s a stormy night with the sounds of thunder. Lightning brightens the darkness of the night. It’s excellent weather for writing these dark tales. He will write another story…”

Nothing Is Yours
When you fall in love, it’s all candy, roses, and Vanilla icing. A few years later, people usually change. Someone outgrows the other person. Rose’s life is going well. Her Prince Charming’s name is Alex. She finds out that having money doesn’t bring happiness. And he might give her everything except love.

Mia is the daughter of a Father that takes care of her on his own. He doesn’t have the money to give her a lavish life but he does what he can to keep her happy. Over time something goes wrong. His daughter is his pride and joy. He can not find her and is not sure where she could have gone. She better be okay or someone is going to pay.
“Beware of Darkness has 11 short stories that will keep you on edge. As the pages turn you will never want the stories to end.

Martha Perez

Meet Martha Perez

Martha Perez was born in raised in Los Angeles, CA. She now lives in West Covina, CA with her husband Sal Andalon and their dog Sugar Bear.

She has a son, a daughter, and two granddaughters.

Her hobbies include reading, writing, exercise, and long walks.

Broken Pieces is her first book, Broken Heart is her second book and is an accomplishment of which she is very proud

Review by Sandra B:

When I read beware of Darkness you got more than what you bargained for…” various intriguing scary stories.

It was a captivating page-turner “Only at Night” was one of my favorite stories author Martha Perez knows how to keep you engage with each word and many levels of Darkness.

“Revenge” was a heartfelt story of life’s daily tragedy. When you think things can’t go wrong. It’s a life-changing story and every parent’s nightmare.

All the stories will make you feel what would I do in that situation. Reading this book was like watching different films of horror movies a five-star book.

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