Featured: Bell-Bottom Gypsy by Maggie Plummer

Featured: Bell-Bottom Gypsy by Maggie Plummer Purchase:

It’s a wild ride during the 1970s, an adventurous coming of age journey that takes you along America’s back roads.

At twenty, Jessie Morgan is fed up with just about everything.

It’s September 1971 — time to drop out, tune in, and turn on.

She leaves college and Detroit in the rearview mirror, hitting the road in her 1965 yellow Volkswagen convertible.

Wandering byways from Kentucky to Key West to Montana, Jessie is out to experience everything.

From Maggie Plummer:

Bell-Bottom Gypsy: A Jessie Morgan Novel is a departure from my two historical novels, Spirited Away and Daring Passage.

It’s a semi-autobiographical slice of 1970s life, inspired by my own experiences on the road in those days.

While loosely based on real life, much of the novel is pure fiction, embellishment, and wishful thinking.

Bell-Bottom Gypsy is only the beginning: it’s Book 1 in a planned four-book Jessie Morgan Series.
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Maggie Plummer

Meet Maggie Plummer:

Maggie Plummer is a multi-genre author based in western Montana. Her latest novel, EAGLE IN FLIGHT, is Book Three of her semi-autobiographical Jessie Morgan Series. Like Jessie, she ventured into the wilds of northern British Columbia one summer in the mid-70s, enduring monster mosquitoes as well as mind-boggling skiff trips on the raging Stikine River.

These days the author works from her home near the shores of Flathead Lake, where she loves hanging out with her sweet black lab, Peaches. EAGLE IN FLIGHT is Maggie’s fifth published novel.

The first two books in The Jessie Morgan Series are: BELL-BOTTOM GYPSY, an adventurous 1970s coming of age journey along America’s back roads; and WEBS IN THE MIST, which follows Jess to freewheeling ’70s San Francisco, where she rides the cable cars in her raggedy bell-bottom jeans and faces some harsh realities.

The author’s first published novel, SPIRITED AWAY – A Novel of the Stolen Irish, paints an intimate portrait of 1650s slavery in the Caribbean. The book was a 2013 finalist in The Kindle Book Review’s Best Indie Book Awards, and placed second in the Paranormal Romance Guild’s Best Historical Fiction that year. SPIRITED AWAY has more than 270 Amazon reviews.

DARING PASSAGE: Book Two of the Spirited Away Saga tells the rest of slave Freddy O’Brennan’s story. Delighted readers call it “a stunning sequel.”

Maggie is also the author of a non-fiction book entitled PASSING IT ON: Voices from the Flathead Indian Reservation, published in 2008 by Salish Kootenai College Press (Pablo, Montana).

Review by sunshinescribe:

In Bell Bottom Gypsy, Jesse Morgan flees her childhood home for the open road in her convertible VW bug. The year is 1971, the best year in history for a free wheeling, American twenty year old.

Leaving her home: “Detroit was an ashen brute where grim motorists drove alone in oversized land barges to mind-numbing assembly line jobs”.

In Jesse’s rearview mirror “The leaden Detroit skyline behind her was punctuated with factory smokestacks spewing columns of curly steam into the gray air.”
As the pavement unfurls through the midwest to Kentucky, Florida and the Keys, the author catapaults us into the adventure––the tumultous youth culture, the astonishing characters, and the heartbeat of a time when life choices for many young people were as wide open as the sky.

Escaping the chokehold of parental and cultural values, Jesse’s high hopes alternate with sheer terror through one mishap after another, through one job after another from horsewalker to fishing boat guide to waitress.

The feel of the road is as palpable as the thrum of tires on pavement, the smell of truck stop coffee and astonishing scenery. This tightly crafted tale reveals the personal and universal urge to leap into uncertainty, to find that deeper level of self, and to rely on the kindness of strangers.

A thousand miles from where she started, Jesse returns to her beloved uncle, neighbor and daughter, on the pristine lake of her childhood summers. As the her friends from the road show up, and are welcomed into the circle, the denouement of this story is as intense and captivating as the entire pavement pounding adventure.

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