Featured: All That Was Taken by Lisette Brodey

Featured: All That Was Taken by Lisette Brodey Purchase:

A contemporary fiction novel that delves deeply into love, loss, and healing but comes with a suspenseful twist.

For eight years, John Hennessey has lived in near-solitude on Catalina Island. He keeps his world small, for every precious thing in his life has been taken from him.

But when his peaceful existence is threatened, he buys a cottage farther up the California coast in the sleepy town of Teal Beach.

There he meets Sunny Harrison, owner of the Teal Beach Sundial Inn where he stays until his cottage is ready for move in.

The connection between them is magical, though both are surviving painful pasts and are afraid to trust … especially as an undercurrent of darkness dwells in their midst.

In no time at all, their quiet lives explode.

Sunny receives ominous phone calls while John grapples with his own unsettling communications.

Their bond strengthens as dangerous enemies threaten.

New guests at the hotel appear to have ulterior motives, and with each passing day, more and more feels eerily out of place.

As tensions escalate and the enemy comes into focus, John and Sunny know they face grave danger from people with no conscience.

Yet, they have no idea what diabolical plans lie in wait for them.

Lisette Brodey

Meet Lisette Brodey:

Lisette was born and raised in the Philadelphia area. She spent ten years in New York City, and now resides in Los Angeles.

She’s a multigenre author of eleven novels and one short story collection: Crooked Moon (General/Literary Fiction); Squalor, New Mexico (Coming-of-Age/Literary Fiction); Molly Hacker Is Too Picky! (Women’s Fiction/romantic comedy), The Desert Series: Mystical High; Desert Star; and Drawn Apart (YA paranormal/magical realism), Barrie Hill Reunion (Literary Fiction); Hotel Obscure: A Collection of Short Stories (Literary Fiction), Love, Look Away (Women’s Fiction/romantic comedy), The Sum of our Sorrows (Contemporary Fiction/Coming-of-Age), The Waiting House: A Novel in Stories (Literary Fiction), and All That Was Taken (Contemporary Fiction.)

In addition to her eleven novels and one short story collection, two more of Lisette’s short stories are published in an anthology: Triptychs (Book 3, The Mind’s Eye Series.)

Review by Caleb Pirtle III:

I am drawn to a book by its opening words. They grip imagination, or they don’t. They seduce me into reading the rest of the book, or they don’t. They draw me into the scene, or they leave me outside on the other side of the words. Lisette Brodey’s first paragraph in All That Was Taken convinced me that I was on the threshold of a great read. I wasn’t wrong.

She wrote: “The cold hand on his left shoulder startled him. Jolted awake, no longer holding the Auburn beauty he walked the beach with, he sat up as unease hugged his consciousness. Pained by the dissipation of his dream, his eyes cautiously adjusted to the early morning light as he turned to see a spiky-black-haired woman with large bare breasts sitting next to him in her bed. As her tongue slid over her top lip, signaling her desire to ravage him, his gut churned. Disgust scribbled on his face, he jumped out of bed, ending her show of seduction more quickly than it had begun.”

I knew the story had lured me into a wild ride, one that totally intrigued me, and I had no idea where the ride was going. That is the mark of a wonderful writer. And nobody writing contemporary fiction can twist and turn a story the way Lisette Brodey can. Just when you think you have it all figured out, you don’t. Fear simmers just beneath the surface of each new scene. Life is nothing but one drama stacked on top of another, and Lisette knows how to stack them.

The setting is magical: The California coast. The characters are richly drawn. They have nothing in common but each other.

John is a loner.

He’s running from his past.

Sunny is as warm and charming as her name implies.

She’s hiding from her past.

They need each other.

They may even love each other.

But can there be love without trust?

And they have quit trusting anybody a long time ago.

Their pasts are slowly, ominously catching up with them. Danger is sliding closer with every passing today. Two lonely people in a lonely part of the world, searching for love, finding each other, knowing that each day may be the last day that either of them will ever have.

Is the story a romance?


Is it a mystery?


But does it really matter?

The suspense is suffocating?

Your throat tightens with each new page. When everything is taken away, what’s left? And is it worth fighting for?


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