Featured: All That Glitters by John Anthony Miller

Featured: All That Glitters by John Anthony Miller Purchase:

A historical thriller with non-stop action, All That Glitters is an emotional story of love, honor, intrigue, and betrayal.

Belgium, 1940, during the German invasion. Camille Bonnet accepts an impossible challenge: steal the most valuable industrial diamonds in the world from an Antwerp bank before the Germans get them.

Needed for advanced technology the Allied war effort demands, the diamonds are secured in an impregnable basement vault.

As Germans swarm the city, Camille sneaks into Antwerp, breaches the vault, and steals the diamonds. Her escape launches the most intense hunt in military history, almost certain to fail.

Chased by allies, enemies, crooks, and con artists, she confronts a complex cast of characters: a Gestapo major who hates people but loves animals, a drunken doctor who lost his wife and daughter in an accident, a Parisian housewife linked to the upper echelons of the Nazi Party, and an American double agent.

Her mission is to deliver the diamonds to Paris before the Germans capture France… and untangle friend from foe while doing so.

John Anthony Miller

Meet John Anthony Miller:

John Anthony Miller writes all things historical—thrillers, mysteries, and romance.

He sets his novels in exotic locations spanning all eras of space and time, with complex characters forced to face inner conflicts, fighting demons both real and imagined.

Each of his novels is unique: a Medieval epic, four historical mysteries, a Cold-War thriller, a 1970’s cozy/romance, four WWII thrillers, and the Revolutionary War spy novel, The Minister’s Wife.

He lives in southern New Jersey.

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