Featured: 48 Hours ‘Til Christmas by Stephany Tullis

Featured: 48 Hours 'Til Christmas by Stephany Tullis Purchase:

Review: An intriguing concept about Christmas magic and working together for the good of all, a short read that is heartful and inspiring.

Mayor Luke Evans and Deputy Mayor Jocelyn Lopez promise Smoothville, Georgia residents a Christmas celebration like none other in order to heal their broken city torn apart by the recent mayoral election. After all, everyone loves Christmas. What better way to mend ill will?

Luke resolves to do whatever it takes to regain the trust of Smoothville citizens and even more importantly, his wife and friends. He charges his team to plan an event that will put Smoothville on the map; —and of course, make his citizens forget about last year’s fiasco.

Newly appointed Smoothville City Manager and an award-winning project manager, Angelica Mason, agrees to undertake the massive project but only after conferring with Lopez—Luke’s rival and nemesis.

When Angelica’s faithful sidekick and well-known political strategist, Jonathan Jarewski,aka JaRew, takes on the role of lead assistant, the holiday event takes on a life of its own. One modeled after NYC’s annual tree lighting at Rockefeller Center. As Christmas approaches, JaRew discovers someone’s out to sabotage Smoothville’s Christmas Extravaganza. And he’s determined to identify the culprit.

Smoothville residents’ tempers flare when rumors circulate that the mayor never planned to deliver on his promise. Angelica convinces Luke and Jocelyn they need a special SWAT team to identify the Grinch in their midst.

The SWAT team and Smoothville residents work around the clock to salvage Smoothville’s Christmas celebration. Christmas music, holiday food and festivities, and a few angelic hosts make this Christmas novel a holiday favorite; a beautiful story about the magic of Christmas, the strength of family and friends and the power of forgiveness.

Stephany Tullis

Meet Stephany Tullis:

Stephany Tullis is the USA Today and Amazon bestselling author of character-driven edgy inspirational fiction. Whether inspirational, contemporary or women’s fiction, her books center around love, hope and second chances. Her small-town romances revolve around love and forgiveness examining issues common to today’s life style and relationships.

Stephany grew up in upstate New York and fell in love with books on her first trip to the library, influenced by her mother who was an avid reader!

Her motto, ‘writing with purpose’, reflects her intent to have her stories not only entertain readers but to inspire and uplift their spirits. Her readers write: ” As is the norm with an author, she has a firm grasp on human nature and what makes them (people) tick.

Stephany is energized by the sun, thrives on music (all genres) and is inspired by the serenity of the ocean. She loves to travel and summer is her season. Beach-based outdoor music festivals allow her to creatively combine these interests.

Review by TwoFromTX:

I have read two of Stephany Tullis’ novels, and just made my way to 48 Hours ‘Til Christmas. A wonderful holiday read to suggest to friends or gift via ebook in Christmas stockings this year. It is comforting to get to know an author through their work, and this third read simply reconfirms that Ms. Tullis produces exemplary stories replete with incomparable characters.

The Masters Plan is set in Smoothville, Georgia, so readers go back once again to see what Reverend Woodrow Jones is dealing with this go-round. Seems although Luke Evans was elected mayor, it might’ve been due to shifty actions, and as the mayor plans an extravagant Christmas celebration, those determined to undermine his event jump into action.

This is where Rev. Woody comes into play with a rescue strategy that will incorporate citizens and hopefully turn animosity back to goodwill. Is it possible to repair damaged friendships, shattered trust, and reunite a town divided?

48 Hours ‘Til Christmas will put you into a true spirit of giving and remind everyone that forgiveness and humility are good for the soul.

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