Enter the Brethren by Barbara Devlin

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    The seducer finds himself seduced by an unbridled desire unlike any he’s ever known.

    Fate brings them together in a dimly lit cabin. He is looking for revenge, and she is taking a bath.

    Heartbroken and desperate to escape another London Season, Caroline Elliott stows away aboard a friend’s ship, never dreaming she’ll be mistaken for a courtesan and abducted by a handsome mariner with wounds as deep as her own.

    Trevor Marshall, sixth Earl of Lockwood, is a battle-hardened sea captain out to settle a score. But the inexpressibly gentle heart and unschooled passion of his beautiful captive weaken his resolve, and soon the seducer finds himself seduced by an unbridled desire unlike any he’s ever known.

    brethren-oval1-221x300About Barbara Devlin: Bestselling author Barbara Devlin was born a storyteller. A Texan, through and through, Barbara hasn’t been without a book in her possession since she was in kindergarten. She wrote her first short story, a really cheesy murder-mystery, in high school, but it was a Christmas gift, a lovely little diary with a bronze lock, given to her in the fifth grade that truly inspired her love for writing.

    After completing part of her undergraduate studies at the University of London, where she developed a love of all things British, Barbara returned home and began a career in banking. But the late 80s weren’t too promising for the financial industry, and every bank that hired Barbara soon folded. So she searched for a stable occupation, and the local police department offered the answer to her prayers.

    Initially, Barbara wasn’t too sure about her new career in law enforcement, but she soon came to love being a police officer. And then one uncharacteristically cold and icy day in December 1998, Barbara was struck by a car and pinned against a guardrail while working an accident on a major highway. Permanently disabled, she retired from the police department and devoted her time and energy to physical therapy.

    Once Barbara got back on her feet, she focused on a new career in academia. She earned an MA in English and continued a course of study for a Doctorate in Literature and Rhetoric. She happily considers herself an exceedingly eccentric English professor. Barbara also began writing historical fiction in her spare time and completed five full-length novels featuring her fictional knighthood, the Brethren of the Coast.

    Review by Baby Boon Reviews: How awesome was this book! What I really liked was that the “path” of this romance was not your stereotypical romance. I was told once that every romance had to have a series of “Try Fails” to get to the conclusion. This is true, but this story didn’t do it in the usual way. (I don’t want to give it away, so read it!)

    There were not the protracted Big Misunderstandings that are so forced in most romance stories that I just loathe. Also, their “war” amidst polite society was hysterical. It’s one of the things I like about period pieces; watching these dramatic exchanges masked in polite society.

    And these two were very amusing; passionate and witty yet damaged. Caroline is a spitfire, and Trevor is a good alpha male without being alpha jerk. They were both people who had issues-like we all do-but came together. There was one moment between Caroline and Trevor where it was a misunderstanding and I was sure he was going to storm out and there’d be chapters and chapters of this continuing with both being stupid and easy fixes being passed by, and the author DIDN’T DO IT. I basically fell in love then.

    She had the misunderstandings, but didn’t drag it out past reasonability. That’s what was great to me. But all the secondary characters were fun too. Interactions were obviously “buddy” interactions but weren’t lousy, so many are.

    It’s hard to write familiarity like that without it being stiff and trite, but Devlin nailed it. The ending was also very sweet, and I know there’s more books and the author said I could read them too, so I’m totally comin’ after her for them. This one is all about the 5 Fireballs for me.