Dying to Know by Christina Carson

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    Beautiful. Touching. Life-Altering.

    CALLIE MORROW, a thirty-six-old photographic illustrator, lays the groundwork for an arcane adventure, when she’s faced with a cancer diagnosis and must decide what to do. Dead set against the medical route for treatment, she panics her friends when she opts out determined to find another way.

    Though normally unadventurous, Callie bets her life on a hunch and the wisdom of three intriguing friends: a Taoist Chinese restaurateur, a renowned Inuit artist, and a disheartened internist. In her race against the clock, one question overshadows all the rest: What could she possibly find out that would be worth the risk she’s taking?

    About Christina Carson:

    Christina Carson (1946 – )was born in Chester County, Pennsylvania when it still looked like the verdant farming country of England. Horses and dairy farming were prominent, and I chose horses. Educated as a scientist, I was a child of the ’60s and one of the outcomes of that was my stance as war protester.

    Christina Carson
    Christina Carson

    Leaving a PhD. program and America in 1968, I settled in western Canada and fell in love with the wildness of the country and the tolerance of the people. The cold was a tad stunning, however. I’ve been writing nonfiction as long as I can remember, but eight years ago began to write fiction.

    In 1996, I came back to the States on the arm of a Vietnam veteran. Now there’s a story for you. Presently, I reside in Alabama, with my husband, also a writer. Neither the adventure of life, its wonder, nor what it has yet to teach me feel anywhere close to an end.



    What they are saying about Dying to Know:

    Now I’m dying to know how I will ever get Christina Carson’s “Dying To Know” out of my head! Between this book and a wonderful experience recently of Oscar Sparrow’s poetry, I can feel my mind expanding, changing, healing… It is very clear to me that loving emissaries from the Universe itself have been wondrously placed in my path…and I shall never be the same.

    It’s been a long while since I read a book so thought-provoking and relevant to my own life. Ms. Carson is a story-teller of unequaled talent; I’ve read other writings of hers and always come away taller, more peaceful and imbued with a greater sense of dignity than before. Having grown up in the Southwest, I hail from a beautiful tri-culture that allows me to see her writing in any venue as being deeply infused with what I call “coyote wisdom” (about soul and mind), as she brings us along on a journey filled with insights and images that break us out of our frozen-heart places and fully transform our awareness. Hers is truly a deep and profound intelligence.

    “Dying To Know” provides insights into a person’s hidden fears and hurts that often underlie and contribute to or even cause the development of many physical and psychological problems, and also suggests a variety of ancient and timeless solutions which inspire hope that change is possible. Her characters are richly believable and worm their way into your heart with total ease. The author guides us like a life compass, showing us what’s good and lasting about our own selves as well as about humanity. In reading the book it reaffirmed my belief that we are all interconnected…and that brought me comfort. You will probably find yourself highlighting every other paragraph as I did. She is a soft-spoken sage, and in the undercurrent of the story, the careful reader will see the struggle with the paradoxical world and the taffy-pull of the scientist with the philosopher.

    I leave you with a quote from the book which spoke deeply to me: “I must believe we can survive our parents and the bizarre tangle of needs they sought us out to meet, little children at the mercy of adults’ deep hungers and fears.” Indeed. And another: “It is difficult to recognize the error of something we have always done wrong.”

    Christina Carson has gifted us a very beautiful, touching and life-altering book. I have hope we humans will make the choice made in the book and grow meaningfully into love. Her words are indeed a lamp unto our feet. – author/poet Jo VonBargen