Dragons of Jade by Jean Lauzier

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    The dragons and the rich detail of the story still drew me in and captivated me.

    NOT LONG AGO, someone asked me why I wrote about dragons. And honestly, I didn’t have an answer. I’ve not always liked dragons. In fact, for the longest time I was a horse person. I was obsessed with them. Black Beauty and The Black Stallion were my favorite books; I even planned to attend a “horse” school to learn everything about horses, from their care to different ways to ride/show them. Life happened, I ended up in the Air Force as an aircraft mechanic and while I still loved horses, I discovered it wasn’t very practical to move them around from base to base.

    The earliest “dragon” thing I can remember is the 1981movie, Dragonslayer. For the longest time, I wanted to name my daughter Elspeth, after one of the main characters. Hubby wouldn’t let me though.

    While I believe there were dragons on Earth at one time, I don’t believe they demanded virgin sacrifices or were simple-minded beasts that killed with no reason, as they have been portrayed so often. Not that they’d turn down a free meal of course.

    And I think that is why I write about dragons. Because I can show them to be intelligent, personable, and honorable creatures I believe they could have been, or at least as I’d like them to be.

    About Jean Lauzier:

    Jean Lauzier
    Jean Lauzier

    Jean Lauzier has been a writer as long as she can remember though she didn’t become serious about writing for quite some time. When she did, she started writing short stories and has had many published online along with placing in numerous contests. Quite a few places she published in are no longer live on the web, but Jean still loves writing short stories. Jean’s first novel, Dragons of Jade, was released in April of this year.

    Jean is working on a sequel to Dragons of Jade along with a mystery novel titled Dark Descent, to be released mid-2015. She is also working on a couple of short stories between novels.

    When not writing, Jean enjoys spending time with her family and trying to grow bonsai trees. She also likes spending time with her Doberman Pinscher, reading, and trying to train the cat.

    You can get to know Jean better on her website at www.jeanlauzier.com.

    Review by Abookanight:

    This fantasy pulls you right in on the first pages. The dialogue and action keep the story moving the whole way through. The dragons were fun, believable, and added an interesting dimension to the story. Jade begins a little on the flat side, her reaction to being thrust into a new world seem a little subdued, but she warms as the books goes on.

    She has, after all, been dreaming about dragons and seeing visions her whole life. Her kind way with animals and intuition makes her a natural to solve the problem of the dragons on the world she is from.

    Review by Ruthie:

    Jade is a believable young woman who finally lives the dreams and visions she’s had all her life. She adapts well to her new circumstances. Her compassion, even toward her foe is heart warming.

    This was a well written and wonderfully suspenseful book. Even the times when nothing bad ended up happening, the setups still had me sitting on the edge of my seat, holding my breath…hoping.