Double Shock by Peggy Holloway

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    There are twists and turns, and surprises galore.

    Ramona, a battered wife, plans to kill her husband and make it look like an accident. After his death, while going through his belongings, she finds papers he has written that make no sense.

    When her mama commits suicide, she finds her mama’s diaries. The diaries begin just before Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Ramona is amazed at what she learns about her mama, the sheriff, and the whole town of Addison, Georgia, where she lives.
    Ramona is falling in love with the sheriff, but is terrified he will discover that her husband’s death wasn’t an accident. The town’s wealthiest man wants to buy the shack that Ramona and her husband, Jake, lived in, and is willing to pay double what it’s worth.

    The doctor that Ramona works for is trying to get her to leave town. Her landlord is found snooping in Ramona’s apartment. She doesn’t know who she can trust.

    About Peggy Holloway:

    Peggy Holloway
    Peggy Holloway

    I have had three careers before turning to writing. I taught Mathematics in high school and community college, worked as a geophysicist in a major oil company exploring for oil and gas and worked as a counselor/psychotherapist with adults, groups, families, couples and teens. I have a BS in geology, an MCS in mathematics and an MA in Psychology. I taught Algebra II to William Faulkner’s granddaughter.

    My past writing experiences were writing plays for the neighborhood kid to put on when I was around 12-14 years old, writing technical reports as a geophysicist, writing research papers while working on my masters in psychology, and writing letters to judges, with recommendations, while counseling juvenile justice adolescents.

    Besides writing mysteries, I like to read (anything I can get my hands on), paint landscapes in oil and in enamel on glass. I enjoy swimming and walking on the beach.

    You can tell a lot about my psyche by reading my self-help book entitled THE ANSWERS ARE WITHIN. I have had many struggles in life and I like to incorporate my experiences into my writing.

    A fantasy I have is to wear a Versache evening gown and dance the tango with Al Pacino.

    I am a night person and can’t stand morning people who wake me up early. I like relating to one or two people rather than being in a crowd. Most of my friends are for life.

    Review by Larry Lavoie:

    This is a well crafted mystery that takes the reader into the deep south in late 1969. This a period when the United States was going through the turmoil of the Civil Rights movement as well as the early stages of the Vietnam War. But the story goes back even earlier to the time we entered WW II after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

    The small town of Addison, Georgia has something to hide and they are willing to over look a murder to keep its secret. It all comes together through the eyes of Ramona, a young woman in an abusive relationship, a girl trapped in the middle of a mystery she doesn’t seem to understand.

    She decides to do something about it and we are soon discovering the secrets of nearly everyone in Addison. Kind of a Southern Payton Place, but the characters have more to hide than who they are sleeping with. The characters are so well developed, I felt like I was living with them as the story unfolded.

    Double Shock is a fast-paced step back in time and an enjoyable read.

    Review by Bob Wallace:

    This is the best book this author has written. It takes place in the south during the sixties. After an abusive husband is killed by his wife, she begins to discover town secrets. A group of Nazis have joined up with the KKK to try and clense the town of blacks, Jews, and anyone who is not white. The Sheriff is half Cherokee.

    Without giving away too much of the plot, let’s just say that there are twists and turns, and surprises galore. When you think you have it figured out, you don’t. I highly recommend this book.