Double Bind by Seb Kirby

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    Author Raymond Bridges has it all – success, money, a gorgeous girlfriend – and is living the good life. But when he wakes up naked in a shopping mall with no memory of who he is or how he got there, he finds his journey to discover the truth is only the beginning of a terrifying nightmare.

    A shocking psychological thriller that questions the very heart of reality, trust, and loyalty, Double Bind is a must-read that will leave you breathless – and rock the foundation of everything you believe.

    Review by Ignite: Seb Kirby has taken a new direction in his second novel. It is at heart a deeply intriguing psychological thriller.

    I would say it leans towards science fiction although it still contains elements of mystery and murder as in his debut novel Take No More (The murder mystery thriller). Imagine not only the sort of identity theft where someone steals your credit card and passwords but where s/he effectively becomes you.

    Seb Kirby
    Seb Kirby

    The physical resemblance is so close it fools your nearest and dearest. This is not Sci-fi in the tentacled green monsters or whizzy machines sense but it concerns the potential destruction of our planet at our own hands and those who wish to move in and make use of it.

    I began by suspecting the narrator, Raymond Bridges, of concocting the story for his own ends but as the book progressed I found him a sympathetic character and was really rooting for him.

    Had I been a nail-biter I’d have been up to my elbows by about 85%. The chapters are short so it’s tempting just to read another… and another! The book is narrated by a character who is not familiar with the use of the past tense and initially this takes a little getting used to. It doesn’t hinder the flow of the story though and I found it an effective ploy for distancing him from others.

    This is a book that hooks you early on and as the plot unfolds, it’s hard to stop reading. An excellent story and really well told.

    Review by jennytwist: Raymond Bridges is a successful novelist, he lives in a swish penthouse overlooking the Thames and he is in love with the most beautiful woman in the world. In fact, he has the perfect life. Until, that is, his perfect double turns up and accuses him of stealing his identity.

    This is a very clever book – Sci-Fi at its very best. Mr Kirby manages to write an extremely complicated plot in a way that is easy to follow. In that respect it reminded me of The Time Traveller’s Wife. 

    Beautifully-written and with a plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat to the last page, this is a superb read.

    I cannot recommend it highly enough.