Dirty Little Secrets by Liliana Hart

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    Dirty Little Secrets had lots of tension, humor, wit, mystery, and the best friendship and potential romance I’ve read in a while.

    J.J. Graves has seen a lot of dead bodies in her line of work… She’s not only in the mortuary business, but she’s also the coroner for King George County, Virginia. When a grisly murder is discovered in the small town of Bloody Mary, it’s up to J.J. and her best friend, Detective Jack Lawson, to bring the victim justice.

    The murders are piling up… The residents of Bloody Mary are dropping like flies, and when a popular mystery writer shows up on J.J.’s doorstep with plans of writing his new book about the Bloody Mary Serial Killer, J.J. suspects the writer might be going above and beyond the call of duty to create the spine-tinglers he’s so well known for.

    It only clouds the issue and puts her reputation on the line when the attraction between them spirals out of control. And passions are rising… J.J. and Jack are in a race against time. They discover each victim had a shocking secret, and the very foundation of J.J.’s life is in danger of crumbling when it turns out she’s harboring secrets of her own-secrets that make her the perfect victim in a deadly game.

    Review by Smitten with Reading:

    Liliana Hart
    Liliana Hart

    Wow…what a great start to this series. This book was incredible. I started out listening to it on audio and then couldn’t stand the time to wait to listen to the last 20% of the book and switched to the Kindle version…love that whispersync option!

    This is the first book in the J.J. Graves mystery series. J.J. is a doctor who had to come home to run her parent’s funeral home after they suddenly died in a car crash. Because of budget cuts, she’s also the county’s coroner which often puts her working with her best friend, Jack, who’s the sheriff. Bloody Mary is a small town mysterious deaths aren’t a common occurrence…until this book begins.

    I love J.J. and how real she feels. She’s unhappy with her situation, but is stuck. ..she even fantasizes about completely disappearing from her life, but her friendship with Jack is the one thing keeping her anchored. Their relationship was awesome. I love how they truly are best friends. He knows it’s been four years since she had sex. She knows about every one of his many, many sexual exploits. They are close….so close…and that friendship and camaraderie made this book such a good read. I especially loved how jealous he got of Brody…hmm, interesting, wasn’t it?

    I’ll admit, this book kept me guessing until the very end. I knew it could go one of two ways and it went one of them, which is so heartbreaking for J.J. It will be interesting to see how the twists and turns at the end of the book play out for the series. Lots of things that were hinted at that are still unresolved that I can see will play out probably over several books here.

    I can’t wait to find out and immediately went and downloaded both audio and kindle versions of book #2 as soon as I finished this one. I can’t wait to start it today!

    Review by A Book A Day:

    This is the first book I’ve read by Liliana Hart and I’m really glad I downloaded it. Needless to say, I was impressed. The story is short, probably around 200 pages, and appears to be the first in a series, but it had lots of tension, humor, wit, mystery, and the best friendship and potential romance I’ve read in a while.

    Dr. JJ Graves became the county medical examiner and mortician for the town of Bloody Mary, Virginia at the age of 30 after the mysterious death of her parents. She has wonderful friendships, but longs for a more fulfilling relationship with marriage and children. After a series of murders which coincide with the appearance of a hunky and famous murder mystery author, JJ falls head over heels, but his appearance may be just a little too coincidental.

    By the synopsis, I can honestly say you don’t really know what’s going to happen, but the journey is terrific. The writing is tight, the heroine is quirky, the hero jealous, and the possibilities endless. I wouldn’t have complained if the sex scenes were more graphic than the fact that we were told there was some, but there may be a reason for that.

    (Note to author, it better be steamy when it counts.) I really wasn’t sure where the story was going and the mystery was well… mysterious as well as fast paced. I was a little disappointed towards the end since I really felt JJ had been through quite a bit, but I guess it was a quick easy way to wrap up some loose ends. Most importantly, I was completely bummed that there wasn’t another installment for me to read.

    I went to the author’s web site and apparently it won’t be available till the fall. If there were any reason for me to knock off stars, which I didn’t mind you, it would be that it’s more than a year between installments. I’m not familiar with this author, but I fear, considering the amount of books I read, that I won’t remember in six months how much I enjoyed this story. I would normally pre-order, but seeing as that’s not an option, I hope she settles down and starts churning out the rest of this series.