Desperate Pursuit in Venice by Karynne Summars

Desperate Pursuit in Venice by Karynne Summars Purchase:

    The novel has it all: beauty, seduction, desires, class and love.

    WHAT IF YOU BECOME the object of someone’s infatuation? Expect everything—from passionate love to a dangerous pursuit of happiness in this emotional novel.

    When New York Private Equity partner Kataryna Taylor pursues the acquisition of a successful Italian biomedical company, she meets and falls in love with Luca Romano, a member of the existing shareholders. But danger and a family drama wait around the corner for Kataryna and Luca when the CEO of the company to be acquired by Kataryna’s firm pursues her romantically and becomes infatuated with her.

    While working on the important international acquisition transaction and deepening her relationship with Luca, Kataryna encounters passion, obsession, danger and a stunning family secret, which she is determined to resolve.

    Desperate Pursuit in Venice is a story of what can happen when infatuation turns an otherwise brilliant and attractive man into a dark person in order to fulfill his desire for the love of a woman he cannot have. It describes true love as well as the painful emotions and negative psychological effects of unattainable love resulting in ultimate desperate actions.

    The emotionally touching twists and turns for the captivating characters, playing against the backdrop of exciting international locales, will keep readers in suspense until the end.

    While the storyline includes sensual material suitable for adult audiences, the erotic scenes are tastefully presented and are written in clean language, which sets it apart from the typical adult romance novels recently published.

    About Karynne Summars:

    Karynne Summars, the author of the contemporary romance thriller Desperate Pursuit in Venice, was born and raised in Berlin, Germany. She currently lives in New York and Marbella, Spain. Before focusing on her creative talents she worked as an international corporate finance professional in New York.

    Certain that her work and life experiences provided a good basis for her debut novel. From there she expanded the storyline and added exciting events and captivating characters. The story touches on important current issues designed to bring awareness to those finding themselves in similar situations in real life.

    Her mission is to entertain a broad audience and touch readers emotionally. Summars is the winner of the 2014 MARSocial Author-of-the-Year Award and an Executive Producer of the psychological thriller feature film Disturbed (2014), a KeeranVaani Creations production.

    Review by Michelle Stanley for Readers’ Favorite:

    Kataryna Taylor travels to Italy to negotiate a major deal. She becomes intimate with Luca Romano, owner of the company she wants to purchase. Unfortunately for Kataryna, handsome Roberto is also attracted to her. She realizes she is the desirous target of a Desperate Pursuit in Venice, as both men compete for her attention. Luca and Roberto are friends, and Kataryna is the woman of their dreams. To add to her confusion, Kataryna’s father confesses that she and her sister have a brother, who was given up for adoption. She hires a lawyer to search for her sibling, and does her best to juggle her hectic workload while sorting out her romantic life. The book is written by Karynne Summars.

    This was not the predictable romance story one reads, so I was very impressed with the author, Karynne Summars. She wrote with feeling and this is clearly evident from the strong plot which is filled with drama. I felt that I had also travelled to Europe, and was a part of the unfolding story. The author also created a cast of characters whose personalities seemed so real, as well as the emotional problems they had. The passionate sexual encounters were very tastefully done, and made Desperate Pursuit in Venice more exciting to read. My attention was also caught by the attractively designed book cover. Karynne Summars wrote an original and exciting book with a unique, creative writing style which I admire very much.