Desperate Pursuit in Rio de Janeiro by Karynne Summars

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    Captivating and Thought-Provoking Read

    In this thrilling sequel to Desperate Pursuit in Venice, Kataryna Taylor and Francesco Barone travel to Brazil to complete the due diligence for an acquisition, which could change how the most dreadful diseases in the world are treated. Plants grown in the Amazon rain forest owned by a Brazilian company may offer a revolutionary treatment, which could catapult Kataryna’s biomedical company to the top and leave all other competitors behind.

    Even though Luca desperately tries to prevent Kataryna from taking this challenging and potentially dangerous trip, he realizes that she is determined to make this acquisition to bring a more natural treatment without the usual debilitating side effects of existing chemotherapy to the market.

    Kataryna’s inexperience in this arena and in the rain forests of South America, however, call for the expertise of Roberto Silvestri whom Kataryna hires as a consultant despite the vile and life-threatening situation he caused for her and Luca a few months ago.

    The still unresolved family secret is weighing heavy on Kataryna when she and Francesco embark on the challenging business trip to Brazil.

    While Kataryna and Luca plan their beautiful life together, which is endangered by a complication no one saw coming, the Romano family is racing against the clock to save the lives of their loved ones and prevent a powerful international group from carrying out its horrific mission.

    About Karynne Summars:

    Karynne Summars
    Karynne Summars

    Karynne Summars was born and raised in Berlin, Germany. She currently lives in New York, Berlin and Marbella, Spain. She is an Executive Producer of the psychological thriller feature film Disturbed, a KeeranVaani Creations production, which is scheduled to be released in 2015.

    The sophisticated drama romance thriller Desperate Pursuit in Venice, which is mainly set in Italy, is her debut novel. The sequel Desperate Pursuit in Rio de Janeiro will be published in the beginning of 2015. She is currently working on an espionage thriller.

    Her mission for her novels and other creative works is to entertain a broad audience, touch readers emotionally and guide them toward personal growth and empowerment.

    The winner of the 2014 MARSocial Author-of-the-Year Award has been a guest on various radio shows and appeared in print and online magazines. She is also a contributing writer for PopImpressKA Journal, an inspiring and empowering magazine published in New York. She has been named a winner in the 2014/2015 Authors Show “50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading” contest.

    Review by Olga Papkovitch:

    Captivating and Thought-Provoking Read

    Desperate Pursuit in Rio de Janeiro, by terrific author Karynne Summars, is one of the most thrilling books I have ever read. The story captivates you from the beginning till the end. A fascinating touch is that the author dedicates her story to the indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest.

    Karynne Summars’ book helps readers realize the most incredible value of the Amazon rainforest and its health benefits and why deforestation of the rainforests must stop. Readers will be interested to find out about the way the nature of the Amazon could help people.

    Plants grown in the Amazon rainforest owned by a Brazilian company may offer a revolutionary treatment for serious diseases and the protagonist’s (Kataryna Taylor) biomedical company wants to get involved in the solution, which would change the medical industry and shake it up. This goal also helps Kataryna overcome her journey with all its challenges in the most unpredictable way.

    Kataryna’s journey to the exotic locations in Brazil and meeting the most unpredictable characters will definitely keep readers turning the pages.

    The subject of love and unattainable love is a key factor again in this suspense thriller sequel of Desperate Pursuit in Venice. Love conquers all, and the author shows how her main characters Kataryna and Luca go through so many challenges to overcome the most dreadful and unexpected events of their lives.

    When Kataryna Taylor and the CFO of her company, Francesco Barone, travel to Brazil to complete the due diligence for the acquisition, their expectations for this trip turn into a completely different scenario. Many facts will be revealed about their relationship itself and connection to each other.

    PopImpressKA Journal highly recommends this book by this talented author. It will let you take a fascinating journey to Brazil with the most interesting turn of events for our heroes Kataryna Taylor and Luca Romano, and will also bring important supporting characters to the scene who have the ability to save the day.

    Olga Papkovitch/ CEO & Founder of PopImpressKA Journal, / Painting (background Image), Oil on Canvas from PopImpressKA Art Collection by Olga Papkovitch “Christ above Rio”