Dear Crossing by Marjorie Swift Doering

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    Marjorie Doering has found a new and exciting niche in the murder/mystery genre that will grasp readers and keep them coming back.

    A peaceful, lakeside summer home… A gruesome murder… Valerie Davis, wife of prominent Minneapolis businessman, Paul Davis, is dead. Very dead.

    Personal demons in tow, Ray Schiller of the Widmer P.D. follows the evidence to the Twin Cities, joining forces with Minneapolis homicide detective Dick Waverly. They discover many are suspect, few are innocent. The widower has good reason to keep his personal life private, and he isn’t the only one–not by a long shot.

    “Sweet nothings” become weapons in a war of words as intimates turn on one another. Ambition, love and hate turn the case on its head when consequences turn lethal.

    In the midst of the investigation, Ray’s involvement in an unthinkable incident, makes him the subject of an Internal Affairs investigation. With his personal and professional life in the balance, he soon learns the devil is in the details, and the details aren’t what they expected.

    About Marjorie Swift Doering:

    Marjorie Swift Doering
    Marjorie Swift Doering

    Marjorie Doering was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1948. Writing since she reached the double digits, she didn’t start taking writing seriously until her husband introduced her to the computer–a love/hate relationship.

    In 2005, her one-act play, Flight 419, was produced and performed by Darknight Theatrical Productions in Chicago, Illinois. Omega Publications, in 2009, published a number of her short stories in an anthology titled Mosaic, A Collection of Short Stories.

    In 2010, another of her short stories was published in Red Cedar, The University of Wisconsin Barron County’s journal of arts and literature.

    She and her husband Denny live in NW Wisconsin with their Springer spaniel and three crazy, lovable cats.

    Review by Irene Gardner:

    Marjorie Doering has found a new and exciting niche in the murder/mystery genre that will grasp readers and keep them coming back. A broken hearted cop, who seems bent on destroying himself and the town he serves, opens the door to a ghastly murder investigation. In jail for drunk and disorderly, Officer Ray Schiller is still needed on the job until Chief “Woody” Newell can give him the boot.

    Step up and meet characters who are three-dimensional and readers will discover to their delight that none are as they seem on the surface. When Paul Davis’ beautiful and rich, society wife is found dead, the list of suspects starts with her ambitious husband and goes from there. Greed, lust, and a plethora of other emotions head the list of reasons for Valerie Stockton Davis’ murder.

    Despite an obvious case of Hero Worship by the rookie member at the station, even Neil Lloyd isn’t safe from Ray’s rampage. The two manages to get into a round of fisticuffs that leaves them both bruised and bloody. But may lead to the only friendship Ray has on the force and in the town.

    Did the tall, dark and ‘handsome’ stranger who drifted through town on the night of the murder have anything to do with Valerie’s death? Who is the beautiful-enough-to-die-for blonde living in real estate fit for a queen? What about sweet, fresh Amy, the waitress at the Copper Kettle? Is she as innocent as she seems?

    And what does a lost cow and a massive-horned bull have to do with the whole thing?

    Readers are in for a thriller they won’t ever forget in, Dear Crossing, a Ray Schiller Series, by Marjorie Doering. Keep your eyes peeled at Amazon for future Ray Schiller books in the series.