Deepest Doors by Paul Winters

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    It’s full of action, and there is not a dull moment.

    Two sets of fugitives…Two sets of enemies…One bizarre encounter…

    When a chance collision with a beautiful woman in Central Park results in a head injury, international business consultant James McBride’s perfectly structured and rote life suddenly begins to unravel as he learns that every memory he has seems to be false and, in fact, he is not the same person that he thinks he is.

    James McBride is a workaholic who thinks his life is almost perfect the way it is. He goes into the office early, stays late, works weekends, travels to exotic locations and has no ambitions of a wife, girlfriend or any type of social life. With a spectacular Park Avenue apartment and all the material goods a person could want, he is content with his seemingly perfectly planned, albeit one-dimensional, existence.

    All of this changes one afternoon after a collision with Sarah Plummer, a beautiful and free-spirited woman, forces him to ‘break routine’. Injured and dazed by a fall, she helps him to her apartment to rest. He awakens confused, only to be talked into doing something he could not ever recall doing; taking the day off.

    By the next day, they find themselves being pursued by people from his firm, singularly intent on killing her and capturing him. Only by a bizarre encounter with Bob Eaton, a white-hat computer hacker and security consultant, himself on the run from the mafia, does he begin to unravel the reason for these events, and understand how they can confront their respective enemies.

    Deep in the mind, beyond the deepest doors, is the truth.

    Review by BrendaRomine:

    Paul Winters
    Paul Winters

    James McBride is a workaholic. He is very happy with his life the way it is. Always the first to work and the last to leave. He works weekends and holidays. He has no wife or girlfriend for that matter. Never found the need for a relationship. Work was his life. He was a computer whiz, hacking computers for companies and ruining other people’s lives. It’s what he did; he was good at it too. He had money, lots of money … His life was perfect, or so he thought until he met Sarah Plummer.

    Walking through Central Park he and Sarah collided, literally! She ran into him while she was roller blading and horse and carriage just happen to in on it. James was kicked by the horse in the head and knocked his rear. Sarah not wanting him to go home alone with a head injury takes him home with her. Little did he know how much his life was about to change.

    Sarah talks him into taking the day off,– something James has never done before. Ever! They decide to go out and try to explore the town together. James was not remembering much of his past. Just bits and pieces. While out they find themselves being followed and chased by the people James works with. They out to kill and James can’t think of why. And this is where the story gets a run for its money.

    This book is action packed and full of mysteries .It have you on the edge of your seat wondering what the heck James’ partners are up to and why do they want him dead. Plus you get to watch James and Sarah fall in love. I recommend this to anyone who likes high action and mystery!

    Review by Jerrilyn: Deepest Doors by Paul Winters starts off interesting as the reader becomes acquainted with James McBride who is in a foreign land. James later meets Sarah, and although he would rather not become involved emotionally with her, he is only human he realizes that he had been missing out on so much because of his dedication to work. We also encounter Bob, who is into computers, and who is an interesting character in his own right, and whose friend, Vicky, suffers a terrible misfortune.

    The worlds of these two men collide in a fascinating way. What is exceptional about Winters’ ability to tell a story is his knack for juggling all of the characters and circumstances until he finally brings them together neatly and in an exciting way in the end.

    And without revealing too much of the plot, there are twists and turns that have something to do with a doctor, a research paper, a dream, and some paranormal abilities.

    The story is well-written, and the characters are interesting and come to life as the story progresses. When the writer switches from one character to the next, this is a cinematic prop that makes it easy for the reader to envision what is going on. I can see how this book can be turned into a movie. It’s full of action, and there is not a dull moment. I could not find the right time to put it down, because the writing is so concise and entertaining.

    I started reading this book on the weekend, fell asleep reading it, and woke up the following morning with it on my mind. I started reading it again and did not put it down until I was completely done. This was the first time that I have read this author, and I’m going to look for more books by this author.