Death Cache by Tiffinie Helmer

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    One by one they are being hunted by an unseen, unknown murderer. Who can you trust? Because if you trust the wrong person, you can wind up dead.

    Loving her is murder. She shouldn’t have played….

    Gallery owner Tern Maiski has always had a way with men, but the one she gave her heart to disappeared without a word. Now he’s competing alongside her and four others in a high-tech treasure hunt, and her pride isn’t the only thing on the line.

    So is her life. He doesn’t play by the rules… Geophysicist Gage Fallon’s relationship with Tern has been cataclysmic from the beginning. He cared too much, too fast, and their passion threatened to consume him. Now he’s back on firmer ground and competing in a game that will risk more than his heart.

    Once their group is dropped off in a remote area near the Arctic Circle, it quickly becomes clear that instead of hunting for treasure, they’re the ones being hunted. And the killer is dead serious about caching them in.

    Review by Kelli:

    Tiffinie Helmer
    Tiffinie Helmer

    Tern Maiski has a taste for adventure and a competitive streak to match the wide open Alaska wilderness. Accepting the extreme geocache invitation Tern was looking forward to enjoy a few days away from civilization competing against not only herself but her fellow competitors and the biggest one Alaska herself.

    Walking into the hanger to begin the adventure with her best friend Nadia the one thing she never expected was who her fellow competitors were, four of them to be exact all four former lovers. And with that Tern has two choices turn around and leave or go forward with the competition. Seriously how bad could it be after all she loved them all at one time or another she could do this and that would be that.

    Just one hitch while she may have loved them all she still longed for them in one way or another and Gage Fallon who left without a word well Tern was going to have the last word with him even if it finished breaking her heart.

    With no idea where they are being flown to. They are dropped at a remote idyllic lake and as they start to settle in they have no idea this game has one more competitor one who intends to win. One who has already set the game in motion with a few added surprises. This one intends to win with the death of them all.

    Review by Debby R. Wright:

    Survivor on Steroids!!!!

    From the first page you are “hooked.” This is a book you just can’t put down.

    Tern Masika is stoked! She has been invited to compete in Alaska’s ultimate Geo-Cache competition. What’s makes this even more exciting, her best friend Nadia has been invited to compete too.

    Once Tern arrives at the float plane, she starts having second thoughts. Why? Well, she has slept with all four of the other competitors. Can you say awkward ? What’s a girl to do ? If you are the proud, stubborn Alaskan girl like Tern, you take a deep breath and brazen it out. No matter how uncomfortable you might be.

    There’s Mac, the ex Army Ranger, her first love. Than there’s Lucky, the zen Peter Pan, who’s always looking for the next big adventure. Robert, her biggest mistake. Last but not least, there’s Gage, the man who broke her heart and the one she can’t get over. Oh my!

    Things get real once they arrive near the Article circle for the game Sabotage, and then murder. One by one they are being hunted by an unseen, unknown murderer. Who can you trust? Because if you trust the wrong person, you can wind up dead.

    Tiffine Helmet’s best book yet. You will be turning pages till the end. Five stars!!!